Forgive me, Maria!

Happy birthday, my dear Maria Filipova-Hadji, a beautiful lady, poet and writer of flourishing Bulgaria! You are indeed a true admirer of my motherland, Uzbekistan! I am so grateful to you for being so kind to Uzbeks and for writing a book about Uzbek hospitality, culture, literature and family values! You made every effort to publish the book you dedicated to Uzbekistan and even produced a Russian version of it!
Every time when I think about you I am ashamed of not being able to have your Uzbekistan-related book translated into Uzbek. Please forgive me! I passed the idea of translating, publishing and visualizing your book to those folks and organizations responsible for the positive image of Uzbekistan, including Culture and Tourism Ministry, AIMC under the Presidential Administration, and the Writers’ Union. However, they all keep mum and perhaps waiting for myself to do the work for them…
I very much hope they will read this message and start acting by creating a good friendly bridge between Uzbekistan and Bulgaria. I also dream of a day when we all celebrate the publucation of your book in Uzbekistan by holding a lovely book launch.
Meanwhile, I invite you to Uzbekistan to be an honored guest of my family and friends. Those who have met and known you here will be more than happy to see you again! Wish you good health, wonderful inspiration and prosperity! Честит рожден ден, dear friend! Enjoy your day, Maria!