THE POET’S BELOVED In the realm of verses, a poet true, No office sought, no statesmen he’d woo. His pain etched on paper, a common strife, Freedom’s hands he kissed, embracing life. Beside him stood a woman, a guiding cane,[…]

There is a bird

THERE IS a BIRD Whispers claim I am a bird, A creature amid all seasons. Yet self-comprehension, absurd, Longs for wings, fleeing life’s reasons. But hold back those flattering tones, Don’t orchestrate grand eulogies. There’s a bird, once freely flown,[…]

The door echoes…

The door echoes, a gentle tap, Creeps through the open window – the mist of a terrible past, The motherland gleams beneath the burst of fireworks. A captive – I stand, and you’re the next! If truth is your guide, express[…]

Like a persimon

Life has become like a persimmon: Hard and in the color of fire I watch Shrouded little girls and boys Scattered like the beads Violence and Jealosy Are eternal residents On earth I have died A thousand times here A[…]

At the Gaza Hospital

Three Generations A very old toothless auntie Still hopeful for her recovery A little girl Who could win The world beauty contest If she entered A middle-aged nurse Who has lost her hope For ages Fly to Abraham’s bosom In[…]

Where are the red lines?

Horrible things are happening in my motherland. Journalist Abduqodir Muminov sentenced to over 7 years in prison. He was a courageous young person who believed in openness and reforms in a so-called New Uzbekistan. It’s the next stern warning: You[…]

Nothing special

Nothing Special Uzbekistan’s election Is a theatrical selection Of an Empty Words collection. It looks as if it’s all about Connection and protection. One can’t here raise objection If you do – get quick rejection They accuse – you are[…]