Jabbor Eshonkul

JABBOR ESHONKUL, poet, scholar, editor, translator, he works for Uzbekistan TV channel. He translated contemporary Japanese poetry into Uzbek and published in Tashkent. He has several books of poetry to his credit. Knows several foreign languages, including Russian and Turkish.


Sounds are being strewn
an apple presents its tint
yearnings fall as leaf

as dew excitement rises in the eyelash
the sky calls to its embrace
my life opens up to dreams

drops fall to my bosom
music glides in veins
buds open in my fancy

roots of love are plunged in my breast
flower of hope grows
now dawn will break to my chest


I need a word not consolation
when a poor dwelling of recollection
trembling stands as shadow

I need a word not consolation
not sharp as a dagger common as a bloom
majestic as the sun proud as desire
I need a word not consolation
there is no safeness from this cold season
while this weak heart is diseased

I need a word not consolation
if patience kneels to winds
this ancient mound falls as defoliation

when this wishful grave for ages
waiting for a savior word impatiently
I need a word not consolation