Khosiyat Rustamova

Khosiyat Rustamova is one of the bright voices in contemporary Uzbek poetry. She was born in 1971 in Namangan region. A graduate from National University of Uzbekistan, she published many poetry collections, including “A house in the sky”, “Rescue”, “Rido” and “A wall”. She writes about love, inner feelings, a matter of life and death. Khosiyat Rustamova is a member of Uzbekistan Writers Association. She was awarded with the medal “Shuhrat” (“Fame”). Poems of Khosiyat Rustamova are remarkable for their thoughtfulness, desperation and modesty. Their artistic value is rich of colors. Her verses flow out of the deepest layers of her heart. The lines are fluent and the feelings are sincere. Her poems have been translated into many foreign languages and distributed in foreign countries. She lives with her husband, poet and writer Quchqor Norqobil, in Tashkent .


I take permit from
nobody to live
And took the world to my hand as a globe.
Oh God, You only
Courage, dare – give,
I will show myself to death, I hope.
That’s it.
I couldn’t call to mind my past,
At the time I promised long – to live.
With many defamation
And pretext
The Time didn’t justify belief!


Marina , I was late
A little bit,
When the world bade farewell to you.
When the soil
Embraced you in it,
Lord created heart of mine anew.
You throw a glance on writing desk in sad,
And faintly touch with the
Trembled hand:
But what for your face
Is weary, red,
Are you writing verses in that land?

Tell me, what
The next world looks like?
My dear, tell me please –
One secret act,
Did you parting, falsity remark?
Are the poets held
In high respect?
Does the heaven wake up from the tune?!
Marina , does the earth
From yearning quake?!
My dear, here
If we write in boon,
Will the verse in that world value take?!
I don’t know:
From where shines a light,
A dreadful sound is
Too near by.
To live for me
In this world very hard,
So, to fly
We go once to the sky.
Marina, Marina, Mari, my dear,
I’ve got a headache:
All revolve:
Don’t look at my black eyes so near –
They every matter
Weeping try to solve:


I am still busy
With learning this world –
So as to live in the world beyond.


Yesterday – what did I –
What should I do just now?
There aren’t wings to fly.
Tell me, life was – how
Did I make some false steps –

Worthy – grey hairs – to have?


Tell, what’s the difference
Between murderer and me?
Haven’t I got a gun?
Or don’t I have wrath in my eyes?
Tell –
What a man I am?
Would I bring to world –
My children –
If I am not a killer?


Day and night:
Night and day –
Oh life, what else have you got some more?
If everyday this boring repetition –
What a sense to live a day?
Or to live thousand years?


I haven’t any friend except my heart,
Neither king nor enemy can come near.
But know, no person and never, at last –
Disgraced as my heart and shed my tear.