Nafosat Rajabova

NAFOSAT RAJABOVA, young poetess, winner of state award named after Zulfia, late national poetess. She has one poetry book to her credit.


Santa Claus, snowy dad,
Make all us be full of glad.
Winter will lose all the wrath,
Even disappears frost.

Whiteness is a winter deal,
Freshness, cleanness one may feel.
All its dots, it takes away –
Spring – a verdant fiancee.

May dirt leave forever heart,
May an evil wish be cut.
Santa Claus, bring us toys,
Happy New Year, girls and boys!


Butterfly is flying slowly,
And delighting from the bud.
When it seats on charming blooms
It will look like green leaves – smart.
It makes the fragrance to come out
With its brilliant, tender wings.
Life consists of beauty only,
It likes in the meadow sing.

Life is short, but it is happy,
And a symbol of the joy.
Like a love of nightingale
In the souls it enjoys.

How a beautiful it is!
I would like its wings to kiss!