A poem by distinguished Uzbek poet OYBEK



I fix my eyes on you, indeed I love you,

I melancholy look into the distance.

Neither sun, nor spring, nor blooming view –

To my longing – can render assistance.

I miss you and my soul is insane,

What a yearning!

Come closer through the hill!

I have my songs, my flowers, and my pain,

You’re not with me! Would that forever thrill?!




Сендадир кўзларим, сендадир кўнгил,

Узоқларга ҳасрат билан боқаман.

На қуёш, на баҳoр, на гулшанда гул

Юракни юпатмас — мен соғинаман.

Сени соғинаман, руҳда йўқ қарор,

Ошиб кел тоғ, довон!

Бу қадар ҳижрон!..

Дардим бор, гулим бор, қўшиқларим бор..

Сен йўқсан! Наҳотки бу мангу армон?!