Towards the Big Smoke

You shifted from my soul, can you seize

On my spirit through volcanic stroke?

If slumber lulling grants us ticket-fees,

Can you – with me – fly to The Big Smoke?

The Millennium Dome would long for us,

It wishes we touched it gently with our hands,

That our love would light up and caress

The lives of over tens of lover friends.

If London Eye looks closely at your flight,

And Albert Hall embraces as a host,

Will at least retreat your sacred smart,

Will you feel so joyous at the most?

Say the lanterns on the Abbey Road

Summon you to the Olympic Games,

Aromatic blossoms will be thrown

At your feet to grace the blessed aims.

As Sherlock Holmes when I disclose your mind,

Will you enliven the whole body of mine?

Will you settle down in my heart,

Always treating as your timeless shrine?!