Three Poems in English by Akrom Malik

Broken desire


He harnessed his desire

The desire was

Smashed to bits

Crystal fragments

were seen in his eyes

He absorbed in thoughts

hope it’s wise

God knows!

Like a nestling

He took his heart –

Which is upset

over the world’s turmoil –

in his arms.

This God’s slave

Is sailing in the wilderness

of silence like a ship

and injured soul.

Oh, plenty of sunshine

Heats up his feet

Like a burning coal.

There is still a long way

Till Sacred Destination

But the nestling in the hand

sans wings and aspiration.




I suffocate in

A dark trench

It’s stuffy

I shake all over.

A dagger

In my hand.

My soul is heading

To the skies.

It breaks its wings

Unable to get rid

Of the night’s cage.

Is it not a good

Time yet to fly?

I need to manage

To fly myself!




Like the sun

That completely wiped off

The footsteps of darkness

No room for grief

remained in my world

Upon your arrival.

Glory be to God!

Being in deep thought

Achieving salvation

Pining over you

Is extreme elation.


Translated by A’zam Obid