Soul by Soul

Soul by soul…


Should you wish,

seek for chance,

and forget

Your bad blood

that is past,

let us fill in hearts.

I am a friend

loving you

just because let’s set

Side by side,

soul by soul,

As the feeling darts.


Neither joy,

nor a sweet

dialogue fit the needs

Of your tender soul,

as each and every day

For you is a true feast,

without any treats,

From too much of delight

it’s good to keep away.


Let’s don’t call to mind

Misfortune in peace season,

And welcome our lives,

While sitting tete-a-tete,

To those who fell in war –

for not their religion –

For they too human beings –

our tears – let us shed.


Seek for chance,

With the edge

of a global love,

Let us smash


One time and for all.

Be it joy

Or mourning

That’s come from above,


Let us seat

Side by side,

And soul by soul!