Two poems of mine edited by Steve Rushton

A Woman in the Cotton Field 


One woman in the field –

Looks like she’s been forgotten.

Her hopes and dreams are spilled

Over dusty cotton.

The cotton’s like her hair;

She bends, then picks and speaks —

Words in the air,

Hot tears down her cheeks.

“Fifteen cents per kilo:

I’ll earn a sack of money!

Will make a lavish wedding

For my dear sonny.

Let him only come!

Or is Russia far?

Does she not stop migrant

Workers from heading home?”


along the road

A giant white light board

With the current president’s

Smiling, happy photo

and his election motto:

“Each and Every Person

is Our Supreme Value!”

A slow voice in her throat

Like the lamb so mild,

(The woman likes the Value!):

“Take my breathe and vote,

But bring me back my child…

Can you?”

One Woman in the Field…



My Name is Uzbekistan  


I feel sorry for my motherland:

Where everyone – government or private –

Waits for the order of one voice

to breathe,

Where youth draw the picture of a plane,

Where women and men

in the crowded daily labor market

seek for employers

to earn their piece of bread,

Where people discuss

house construction, short socks

and pompous weddings,

Where creative minds are half dead,

Where there isn’t any international

poetry festival,

artist’s residency

or PEN,

Where deputies, mayors and the rest

Are caught over

bribery and lust

by Mr Truth who also reports

to the same one voice:

The deadlock.

You might say it’s everywhere

but I am not everywhere

My soul resides and my tomb will be here.

I play with the words:

I wish they were not Ooze

But Big,

Embracing a Ton of Kisses –


After all –

My name is rich

My name is Uzbekistan

and I wish I never felt sorry for myself!

(Steve Rushton is the organzier of the VENT Festival in UK)