Омон акаDear Friends! Please meet OMON MATJON, a national poet of Uzbekistan, former editor-in-chief of a reputed literary magazine. His poem below is in harmony with my feelings these days:

Life is flying, flying day,
Kings and crown pass away,
Luck and fortune don’t stay,
But I never leave behind –
How you walk and smiling talk.

Garden’s very fine in green,
Sightly snowy mountain,
Lovely youth’s fountain,
But I never leave behind –
How you track and how you ask.

Moon is now for then alight,
Many friends are very trust.
Life is such – with deep delight,
But I never leave behind,
How you speak and how you seek.

Life’s a way with many paths,
Many meetings, many parts,
Much forgetting and restarts,
But I never leave behind –
Those smiles and walking miles.