Guzal Begim

Guzal Begim is one of the leading representatives of contemporary Uzbek poetry. She has an original unique style in creative writing. Many specialists appreciated her works very much. For example, Dr. Ozod Sharafiddinov and American scholar Rachel Harrell stated that Guzal Begim’s poems are of great value in Uzbek poetry.
G. Begim graduated from National University of Uzbekistan and Higher literature course named after M. Gorky in Moscow. Her books include “Jingle of silence” and “Shadow of a flying leaf”.
Rachel Harrell and Azam Abidov translated her poems into English.


With too meek dreams
I am thinking about you today
and my thoughts are upset

Having passed through the memory of water
I gently shook hands with season
that was standing under the tree

I advanced in the trace of your eyes
and walked in my yesterday’s imagination
a flower of my hair is growing heavy


I want to live like you
caressing heads of flowers
fondling a stone I want to dissolve it

I want to live like you
I want to speak silently
within the pupil of my eyes


Fragrance of a flower waked me in the morning
none was there behind it
I entered my bedroom in the sound of a bird

Having taken away white and
yellow laughter from my lip
I rubbed a pupil of my eyes

I waked the Sun quietly
whiteness of the dawn is too dull
my dreams are standing near the water.


Do not disturb me blossom of cherry
time do not fall behind
at last I want to live like this
Do not disturb me blossom of cherry
having tied my heart up in a cradle
luck will jump over my eyes

Do not disturb me blossom of cherry
if I ring having fallen in love
with fruits of berry

Do not disturb me blossom of cherry
when airing my dress
I touch the sun

Do not disturb me blossom of cherry
do not shackle the hands of the stream
extending my eyes to the sky
I want to live like this



Or a sparrow
or a season similar to sound of the sparrow
or a scurry of a drop
or reflection of a woman in the rain
or flying words

Or water
or a wound in the water
or feelings drowned in the water
or thoughts of a sea about a sea
or a fingerprint under ashes

Or morning breeze
or a light laughter of the breeze
or a band sewing a quilt
or warm ideas under the quilt
or a cerebral cortex of anguish

Or the sun
or an abstract smile before the sun
or a thick sound of my door
or the ones running along the drop
or a gesture in the air