Olima Nabizoda

OLIMA NABIZODA, poetess, writes poems in modern style, published several books of poems.


You have gone.
A moonlit night
Sank into my heart.
Body became heavy
To say a word.
Blood to my heart
Ran from the tongue.
You have gone.
A night
In horizon color
Occupied my soul.
Colors —
Moonlit, blackish, bloody
Evening, nightly, dawn,
Sliced each other.
Privatized in secret
That night you have gone.
A blackbird flown from remote
Landed tired at the nest – heart.
A pair of swan from cage
Trembled on the corpse.
You have gone.
A washer dawn shrouded the night..


You love me,
I know.
I wish to mince
There is a foe of coquetry in my eyes.


A rainy night.
Drops are slowly washing my face,
Not leaving the trace.
In the street
A girl is going
older than
her mother