Normurod Narzullaev

NORMUROD NARZULLAEV, national poet, wrote many lyric songs, contributed with many Uzbek singers. He published several books of poetry.

Ask a cloud, receive the rain,
Ask an oven bake much grain,
Ask a cradle, get a child,
Ask belief and have the mind!


A ghost embraces the cleans,
Angels save them from the fright.
Every human wants to lean
Asks for aid from single God!

Only Lord knows our fate,
In the forehead our lot.
Joy and torment are abreast
On threshold find a spot.

May ancestors be respected,
They in our soul shine.
All life tests us a kind deed,
Proudly hug the Moon, Sun.

Extending our lives,
Ask for blessings from all heart.
One another, let us miss,
And let us believe in God!