SHUHRAT, poet, writer, took part in Great Patriotic War, wrote many books about this war. His poems are esteemed because he called for peace and prosperity. His work “A notebook of years with overcoat” was famous in Uzbekistan.


I won’t die,
My human body only
Will change its color and a standard build.
I live,
And other self of mine will grandly
Make a scent of flowers in the field.
Being as the waves in bank-full rivers
From one height to other one will flow.
And my sound in the future years
Will ring at dawns in gardens as a blow.
I will live in beauty, charm and flavor
Of the tasteful, appetizing fruits.
In freedom, secret dream and wish -forever –
Of great people, I will take the roots.

  To Zulfia

What has happened in the world with me
Since my birthday, from the early life?
The secret of the living I could see,
I have lived my forty – meaning half.

The friends ‘ve increased in number past years,
Respecting they said me “companion”, “mate”.
I have grown up and my mistress
Said: “You my supporter and my fate!..”

In fact, oh, mother, nothing costs better
When you say “My child!” with happy face.
Oh, mother, in your mercy sun seeks shelter
Not strange at all to see bloom in your trace!