Muhammad Ali

MUHAMMAD ALI, poet, writer, playwright, he published many books about Uzbek history, particularly, about Amir Temur, conqueror of the world. He is at the head of foreign relations department of the Writers Association. M. Ali traveled a lot, and his works have been translated into many languages, including English and Russian.

There is one lad that very handsome, nice,
Every apple which he catches, will slice,
And so many black-eyes on his way,
Don’t know to be where, troubled stay.

There is one girl that also very smart,
Endless beauty of the boys and heart,
She will burn the whole of world by chance
If proposes her revengeful glance!

But these beauties only first or last
Never meet each other, walking past…


Elephant said to puppy: “You see,
What did you find barking strong to me?”
Barking is my business!” – said the puppy.
“I am not afraid of you, you know,
And all the same you bark to me, but why?”
“If you never fear…
It is your affair!” – said the puppy.