Omon Matjon

OMON MATJON, National poet of Uzbekistan, editor-in-chief of reputed literary magazine, was born in Kharezm. He has many poetry books to his credit.

Life is flying, flying day,
Kings and crown pass away,
Luck and fortune don’t stay
But I never leave behind
How you walk and smiling talk.

Garden’s very fine in green,
Sightly snowy mountain,
Lovely youth’s fountain,
But I never leave behind
How you track and how you ask.

Moon is being once alight,
Many friends are very trust.
Life is suchlike deep delight
But I never leave behind,
How you speak and how you seek.

Life is way and many paths,
Many meetings, many parts,
Much forgetting and restarts,
But I never leave behind
Those smiles and walking miles.