Rauf Parfi

RAUF PARFI, national poet of Uzbekistan, well-known for his free speech in Uzbekistan, dreamt of seeing all Turkic people united. Rauf Parfi struggled against oppression and was democrat. His poems inspired lots of hearts to advocate liberty and peace

Beautiful as a fresh dawn,
As a bud opened in the morning,
Clean like dew in the bud.

There is a word like
Sweet child of honeyed feelings,
As if joy of eyes like endless sky.

There is a word,
Higher than the word truth,
Above the truth itself
There is a word:


Heart is shrinking in the empty home,
Black uncertainty prevailed at last.
I am a vagrant man, myself far from,
In my eyes fatigued mists sank fast.
But you don’t come to listen to
My ardent words are audible no more:
Making farewells pass over you:
Still myself oh I am looking for.