Dear Friends,
Please meet a wonderful young Uzbek poet Baxtiniso Mahmudova.

You are with me!

You are with me,
And my days fill
with fresh feeling
And mellow chime,
There is Spring
that’s fairly healing
In Falls all the time.
In my eyes remorse,
pain – one can see,
You are with me!

There is love
Warm enough to melt ice
And to embrace the whole universe,
To make poems nice it will suffice,
A comforter is granted
When in tears I immerse,
I am so carefree –
You are with me!

The feathered tribe is
only in the sky,
Earthy or celestial powers fly,
Counting stars
the dreams at nights pass by,
You are with me!

Evening times poured souls
In my heart,
Evening shades to rivers
Could depart,
Until day comes
I’m taken by twilight
I don’t change my plea:
You are with me!
You are with me!