Some more poems of mine in English



I have a soft longing for something in my heart

The hands of missing are on my neck

Clearness grows in the tiresome gardens

The roads of my life become faded.

Spring-like lights settle in my eyes,

Shiny repentance fills in my bosom.

What a sweet and secretive world is this,

What a lovely and esteemed life this is!


Warmth is born in my soul

And my opportunity wants to hug the sky.

As far as I know you definitely come –

I can wait for you a thousand years!



We are not only pain, we are also too needy,

What is a separation for us, it’s nothing and the road between us is too far,

This world is too narrow for us,

So we live and pass full with love in it.


We find refuge through wailing,

Our hearts are too heavy, and the smiles of others are artificial,

This is the transient world

In which the loveless people will die of LOVE!



Self-sacrificing nation

Take an example from a spider, my friend,

To save its own child’s life

The spider sacrifices itself —

It gives its own flesh to its child to eat.


A self-sacrificing nation and friend

Are like a volcano.

They will not do anything for themselves,

But sacrifice.




Be my higher flying bird

If you want to see farther.

You will comprehend what’s good or bad

And where the colorful trap is.


Open the exit door wider,

Since a free nation ought to be tolerant,

My bird, know that worldview

and worldviews are equal to your higher flight.


What a pain

Where this calm river flows to,

What is waiting for it in the end?

Will its waves not bellow

Before its eyes going deep into the sand?


Your water is blurred, but your heart is pure,

My river, cleanness starts from you.

But what a pain, what a torment

To flow without knowing the aftermath.