Япон шоираси Мори Кэй Ўзбекистон ҳақида

Tashkent is beautiful modern capital of Uzbekistan, regarding great poet Alishier Navoy, on the Navoy national libraly, the Navoy theater. Then we enjoyed the poety class with university students! Their wonderful poetry recital! The poet who published a great English translation book, A’zam read his poem before the statue of Navoy in ‘Poet’s Squar’ Uzbekistan has full of poetic heart & beautiful hospitality!

I can’t stop telling my Journey in Uzbekistan, but closing at the end. The below picture is not art gallery but Metro! Then I was surprized at their culture similer with Japan (East Asia) Tea Culture, Cotton futon (布団、100年前の文学者の家に掘りごたつも), Clean sense… Now Silk Road come back to our life as Cultural Exchange! I heartfelt appreciate to A’zam, Writers & Artists, Schools, and the warm heart of Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan looks the Cultural Oasis of Silk Road. We enjoyed the poetic caravan of 2000 km, looking up the Pamirs. sand mountains, cotton flower fields, cute donkeys, sheep, horses….with us! Thank You!

The Uzbek Oasis Culture is come from their thanks to the grace of water of life, I imagined when I visited in the spring of water!

So, the flourish culture, with Pomegranade! which is different from Japanese one, uncredible big with brilliant Ruby color!

The meeting in Namangan is like A Oasis of Silk Road!
Lovely, Flourish! Fruitful! As a Japanese, it’s like Dreaming! Fantasic!

Uzbeki education is very fine! I heartfelt appreciate to many wonderful students, parents, and teachers in Universities, collages, schools.!!! dear poet A’zam is the teacher who organized this wonderful meeting with cultural dialogue!

Morii Kae