Farewell to Earth

Farewell to Earth

Where is your forehead,

Mother Earth?

My Facebook friend

From Vietnam

Is taking me to his

Space Station

He has built in his blissful childhood.

With the same creation,

The same flesh

And even the same God

We are not working enough

To promote

The Exchange of Love:

My tears cannot extinguish

Big fires in Australia,

I cannot keep breathing anymore

Because of dying humans,

Animals and birds all over.

My friend told me

I will be the first poet

In his station,

So I can take some fellows to join

From elsewhere,

Including from Iraq,

North Korea,

Iran and U.S.

To foster our poorest exchange

And be able to cast

The Shadow of Peace

Over you –

Mother Earth.

You deserved all

Wonderful things

Existence could offer!

But I don’t deserve you.

So where is your forehead?

I want to kiss and thank you,

And say good-bye.


(Photo taken from the Internet)