Say No to Invasion!

On this International Writers’ Day, I call all poets from around the world to unite and stand against Putin’s invasion of independent Ukraine!
Some of my friends from far and near countries, who stand neutral or support Putin’s invasion, say that conflict is everywhere and that I don’t understand what is going on in their countries. It is also true that people around the world can hardly find where my motherland Uzbekistan is. I would say, we should inform each other what is happening in our area often, so that we can raise our strong voice together.
However, I think our general message like “We are against war” or “We want peace” is not going to help unless our message is clear, specific and to the point.
No matter what our governments’ position in various global issues is, we, especially poets — who I believe are the most loving hearts on Earth — should say no to any invasion! The modern world needs more poet diplomats!
Please join me in saying, “Stop invasion of Ukraine, Putin! Now!”
(photo from the Internet)