Danish Poet Claus Ankersen Talks About His Stay in Uzbekistan

JULY 17. 2022
To whom it may concern

I was a participant of the 2019 International writer-artist in residence program in Uzbekistan, organized and
curated by eminent poet, translator and literary ambassador, Mr. A’zam Obidov.

The residency was nomadic, visited several regions of Uzbekistan and included a packed program with visits
and readings to a wide range of educational institutions, from elementary schools, to high schools, foreign
language schools and universities.

The program lasted from September 25 thru to October 10 and brought together writers and artists from
Australia, Bangladesh, Denmark, Israel, Bulgaria, Spain, Kazakstan, USA and of cause a range of artists from
the host country, Uzbekistan.

The residency resulted in several artistic collaborations as well as new works, establishment of new and
lasting artistic networks among writers, translators, sculptors, culture workers, painters, performance
artists and a range of Uzbek NGO’s.

The residence program, was a groundbreaking, bridge-building, intercultural beacon of new thinking and
independent initiative so needed to further strengthen the understanding and connection of mankind
through arts and letters.

It is my hope that the initiative will see full funding and approval from governmental as well as professional
sectors, so that the seeds sown by this fantastic residency program will be given the conditions for future

Sincerely Yours,

Claus Ankersen
Vice-Chair Danish Fiction Writers