A ghazal by Alisher Navoi

Her promise of coming tonight that cypress-like belle didn’t keep,
Looking forward to seeing her till early dawn I couldn’t sleep.

I could’ve died of ghastly boredom but the stunner didn’t come,
Feeling every moment nervous on my tiptoe I did creep.

It’s her face like the full moon that made her to become discreet,
But at night as dark as my life at my sight she didn’t peep.

Any person would keep laughing if he saw me crazy, mad,
For the peri I could only suffer acutely and weep.

Do not ask why water runs from my eyes, do not make ashamed,
It’s all the blood that pours the whole time, no tears through my pain would seep.

There isn’t any faithful claimant or else if he steps along
The sweetheart that he comes across in practice would be first to skip.

Hey Navoi, since joy juice would smash affliction in your house
Regale your heart from time to time; of joyful wine you take a sip.

(Translated by Aazam Abidov)