diloromDilorom Ergash is a poetess from Namangan in the Ferghana Valley.
She has several poetry collections to her credit.
She writes beautiful ghazals.
Dilorom always supports young poets and writers to improve their creative writing.


I’ve no strength to bear anymore,
You gave fiery words I asked for,
Tell me why – dying – do I adore?
Is it death that I every time chase?

I say a word; the sky comes to my mind,
In my chest – a lion – one can find,
I would live so easy, very kind,
If not a poet, I would write with grace.

The fire in my in, you bake some bread,
I don’t breathe, the breathing tunes instead,
Why you ask I bitter tears shed?
Would they not come in my gloomy case?

I need you more than ever to survive,
Does livelihood mean to be all alive?
Oh my God, I have a longer life,
If I don’t die, won’t I see your face?