One more new ghazal by Alisher Navoi translated into English

navoiFor me to die in bitter torment – it’s easy bit without you,
I better die, hey soul, to stay I can’t admit without you.

A dead man cannot breath at all, however when you look at me
The lamentation and weeping do not quit without you.

Like thunder, lightning over hill out of public eye at nights
The wail and cry of me, delirious, don’t befit without you.

I wish that no one ever had a difficult time like mine now,
I am astonished by my actions and my wit without you.

Grief and trouble of decease aren’t frightful for lifeless flesh
The burden of yearning bedevils, it’s quick to hit without you.

The heaven might fall on my head from the bitterness of parting,
See, what will these days at last for me transmit without you.

Navoi would be immortal if you do not break the tryst,
But he can live not a moment, life will split without you.