Fish and snake (poetry anthology)

In ancient times, the word “poem” meant a miracle. However, time is such an uncatchable wind that it will sweep away every colorful value on the way.
A great poet of Turkic nations Alisher Navoi says that to recite a poem, in today’s phrase, is the work of super people:

He (God) in the beginning of creation
Sharpened his creating pencil
He improved people with a speech
And put a speaking people on a high level with the help of poetry.

Poet and King Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur wrote in his “Babur-name”: “In Samarkand, ghazals by Boysunghur Mirzo are well known that there is no house without his poems.” In 15th century people really loved reading poems.
At the end of 20th century the interest in poetry weakened in Central Asia. The wind of time took sacred deals of ancestors far away.
Perhaps a weak interest in poetry is not a big concern for some poets, but today’s poet writes a poem like Adam and finds it difficult to read.
Poets from different countries of the world should make friends with each other. This purpose becomes a reality these days.
Fish and Snake anthology was also based on this purpose. In the east, a snake is a symbol of wisdom. Fish is a symbol of transparency. When wisdom and transparency harmonizes, an incomparable strength will appear.
A short note on the project was published in World Literature magazine in Uzbekistan. Then an email was sent to many poets and was received fish and snake poems in reply from a number of foreign authors. Thus the present anthology has been complied.
A poem is a language of beauty. There is no need for a vocabulary to learn this language, while wish and attention are enough.
We are grateful to all poets who shared opinions on this anthology.

Download this book: “Илонбалиқ” (Fish and snake) халқаро антологияси