Tunes of Asia

Uzbekistan is one of the developing countries of Asia. This state was established in 1924 as a result of alliance of Kokand, Khiva Khanate and Bukhara Emirate. It declared independence on August 31, 1991.
As a branch of Turkish family, the Uzbeks are proud of kings and scholars such as Ibn Sino (Avicena), Beruniy (Albaron), Sultan Jaloliddin, Amii Temur (Tamerlane), Ulugbek, AlisheT Navoiy, Mirzo Bobur, Abulghozi Bahodirkhon, Ogahiy and others.
Formation of contemporary Uzbek Literature began in the period of Jadids. Having written two novels, Abdulla Qodiriy became a founder of Uzbek prose and poets such as Fitrat, Chulpon, Botu, Oybek, Gafur Gulom, having been impressed by Turkish and Russian versification, made a great contribution to the XXth century Uzbek poetry.
Conditionally, Uzbek poetry began to step aside from the clutches of the communistic ideology in the seventieth. Abdulla Qripov, Erkin Vohidov, Rauf Parfi, Halima Khudoyberdieva, Usmon Azim and many other poets contributed to Uzbek national poetry.
In the eightieth, abreast with realism, modernism budded in the field of Uzbek literary mediation. This was a great novelty not only in Central Asian literary community but also in whole Asia as well. Nowa¬days there are more than thirty modemist-poets in Uzbekistan. With George Soros’s help a book « Uzbek Modem Poetry* was published in 2003. Readers may enjoy verses of Bahrom Ruzimuhammad, Aziz Said, Rauf Subhon, Khayrulla Fayz, Pahlavon Sodiq and others.
In fact, Uzbek readers are familiar with European and American poetry. However, Uzbek poets are not well-known in the world yet. We compiled this book to present them worldwide. It appreciated deeply at the meeting of poets and scholars in the National University of Uzbekistan.
We hope that poets and writers of the world will cooperate with Central Asian literary community in future, as they have been impressed by each other for ages.
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