Your Voice Is Happiness

that visited my heart

the farther away the closer it is

in my thoughts

it waves in my ear

and appears in my eyes

my smiles gaze at the mirror

your voice

puts a line on distant twilights

the voice

that wanted to warm up wires

and become my fate. 





And read my heart

in a foreign language

from the right to the left

from the left to the right

give a flower to my shivering

fall to your knees before my moans

break soundlessness with colors

bring more flowers

to the quietness

you don’t recognize



I see flowers in my dream

they come closer to my hands

and wake my fingers up

beautiful moments feel ashamed

bending in my eyes



I comprehend the sky

in the hearth of beams

acute days glisten

in the center of my soul

the sun sits cross-legged

winds ply



I sat in front of happiness yesterday

today I sat on its left side

it will invite me to its right side tomorrow

the door of the tree will open creaking

those who breath dews

grasp my soul

happiness is exhausted

very exhausted

it stares at noise-blossoms.


© Translated by Aazam Abidov – 2015