Alisher Navoi

People assume peri and houri must be so fascinating,
But my own angel is a hundred times more captivating.

There are many instigations, many beauties nowadays,
None of them can make a thousands of all plots my love’s creating.

Day and night are not as fine as your face and upper lip hair,
At most – with them in the garden – flowers, basil are equating.

It’s not a wonder if the lovers don’t die of belle’s glory like me
On the goodliness of her face would they not be concentrating?

I can’t be fed up with her beauty since it is unlimited,
I would be surfeited with it if it were like Joseph-plating.

Hey soul, if Leila and Shirin were as fine as our sweetie,
Farhod and Mejnun would be like us in the plight of devastating.

If a beloved gives her false word, she would be left unattended,
Could a man ignore his sweetheart, if – like mine – she’s exhilarating?

Hey soul, I heard the description of peris and houris oftentimes,
None of them – in humanity like a human – is stimulating.

Hey Navoi, thorns in her street are like flowers in my eyes,
And her place in front of me is like paradise – illuminating.