Chulpon’s Beauty

For the poetry relay I would like to present Uzbek poet Abdulhamid Chulpon (1898-1938)


I look at sky at night in darks, 
And ask you from the brightest star. 
That star inclining head remarks: 
“I always dream of her afar. 
In my dream she pretty thus — 
Finer than the Moon and us!”

I sight straightly to moonrise, 
From the moon to ask I start. 
It says: “I met in dream – so nice, 
With a beauty that in white. 
Wrapping up with white so pretty, 
More the sun and me, such beauty!”

When by me – with hanged hairs, 
I always question – the morning breeze, 
It tells: “I saw her and lost stairs, 
Still looking for in stone, trees. 
Once I’ve seen, she’s so attractive, 
More than moon and sun, much active!”

When she leaves, the sun comes shiny, 
Asking for you I entreat. 
It runs away to hide, so shyly, 
Says: “In actual I’ve met.” 
In my witness she is charming, 
More than moon and sun, such darling.

Poor man, how fell in love, me, 
For her sake I was inflamed. 
I gave my head to a deal so lovely, 
And for what so long I’ve aimed? 
Thus she’s bonny that I fondle, 
More than moon and sun, best angel!

(Translated by A’zam Obidov)