Sleeping together

One night, since the 15-year-old elder son was listening to music in a small children’s room and was threatening to slightly hit his brothers for telling his parents about a ‘love sms’ he wrote to his beloved, and thus was not letting the two brothers sleep, Maza called the little twins on to their bedroom to sleep together. His wife was doing something out in the kitchen. Maza did not wait for her to come and laid the quilts himself for them and the kids, who were already primary schoolchildren. They had no bed in their bedroom and used to sleep on the floor. By the time his wife entered, Maza was lying together with the kids in his bosom and telling an exemplary story while listening to a beautiful folk music on his cell phone’s radio.

His wife did not like to sleep with his kids when Maza was at home. She rarely slept wit them when her husband was on a business trip somewhere in the country or abroad. But for Maza it was fun to lay long two or three-layer quilts down on the floor, lie their with his wife and kids and spend a lovely night. The kids adored this habit of their dad, as they always listened to Maza’s wonderful stories about their own babyhood, about how they grew up year by year, rejoiced their parents’ eyes, played different games, and enjoyed their childhood.

Sleeping together with someone else, but indeed with dear ones, was something special, but very ordinary for Maza. He lived in the capital city and only visited his hometown to meet with his parents, sisters and brothers once in three-four months. When he visited there, he used to sleep together with his mother on his parents’ bed. His father never minded him doing this. Maza sometimes slept with his father, when his mom was in the hospital on a regular treatment. In winter, when the other rooms were cold, they even slept altogether, Maza in between, on one big bed. In his fortieth, Maza was still an innocent child for his parents. He never felt embarrassed for he spent whole holy nights smelling really sweet natural odors of his parents. Some beautiful moonlit nights he used to kiss the feet of his parents as they were kept open and as he tried to cover them with a soft blanket. He especially liked to put his mother’s hand on his chest, and dream a long, long night.

On such nights he flew higher and higher in his dreams.

Maza remembered it well enough that during the cotton season in his student life he slept together with his friend, with whom he maintained so sincere, clean and pure spiritual, brotherly relations. He also slept with many girls from his group, who were all virgins, in his apartment, which they all turned to be their gathering place for cooking, playing a guitar, singing and dancing. No one paid attention or accused him of anything then, those brilliant moments of his life.

But one time, Maza invited his parents-in-law to his two-room apartment and when the time came to go to bed, he requested his wife to lay quilts for him and his father-in-law separately in their bedroom. Actually, that time the mother of his mother-in-law was also accompanying them on this visit, and Maza meant not to embarrass his father-in-law to sleep with his mother-in-law in a tiny room, thus wanted only women sleep in one room and men in the other one. However, some months later, on a black day, when Maza and his wife harshly quarreled and disputed their own relationship, and even were going farther to divorce, his parents-in-law accused him of something like impotency or gaiety, because of his kind request that night. But he never took this hard to his heart…

And today, while he was sleeping with his kids in his bosom, and was touching his wife’s legs with his toe, he kept flying in his white-green dream, he flew higher and higher. His soul filled with liberty, everlasting deepness and great satisfaction. Though he did not have any wings, or perhaps he thought so, he just strived, jumped and moved forward, and he flew and flew. Below this enormous joy and wonderful sinless flight, his parents, his old virgin friends of his golden student life, and his parents-in-law gladly shake their hands to him, as if they meant they were all happy and contended for sleeping together with him some time in the past.