Navoiy’s Lamentation

Navoiy’s Lamentation

It’s all good

That you still remember me

I am so grateful

I feel humbled…


my world has crumbled…

Without translators,

Honest initiators,

Literary agents,

project coordinators

And with no desire

to open up

For exchange and cooperation

For learning foreign languages

For teamwork and interaction

With no single

International poetry festival

Or writer’s residency

Or UNESCO City of Literature

In the rich historic country

With only big jealousy

Are you going

to promote me worldwide?

Oh my, please don’t turn white…

When will you build

An International House of Creativity

In Tashkent, Namangan and Khiva?

Why don’t you establish

Navoiy Institute

In London, New York and Lima?

Will you continue

to ask permission

from the president

for all of these

and wait for more several hundred years?

Or will you listen to me and master

How to work faster

With no spiritual disaster?

I’m sorry…

I feel humbled

It looks like

Onto the Truth I stumbled…

It’s all good

That you still remember me

I am so grateful

But my soul is painful,

Cause you are still dependent,

Literature and Art

Will be successful only

When they are independent.

I request you

please remember

Not me, but my wise words:

“Do not deceive yourselves!

Do not deceive yourselves!”

The promoters of my works,

My dedicated guards!

In any case –