Immovable movement in my creative journey

Poets of the world, wherever you are, if you say you are for peace, but still support human beings like putin and their war to invade other countries, then please leave my page. Understanding them has nothing to do with peace, tolerance or poetry. I am the descendant of Amir Temur – Tamerlane, who conquered a very big part of the world in the long past, but I am also a tiny part of a literary legacy, the father of which – Alisher Navoiy – was the poet who created very beautiful poetry about peace, friendship and love and promoted great tolerance. In the modern world, I am with those brave poets who stand for injustice and fight against despots in their homeland. Now, since I am closer physically, I am with Ukrainians – in both within the country and outside – and Russians like Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. I cannot understand those who share info about festive poetic events in time of war and grief in their motherland. I am with the oppressed, not with the oppressor, I am with freedom-lovers, not with blind followers.
With this in mind, I am also leaving the World Poetry Movement, since I expected more from it in the time of global uncertainty and since I did not see its clear action plan or mission. Giving membership and organizing poetry events in my country only are not mine. Be well! Keep the faith!
Azam Abidov,
not a poet for many and not a member of any literary organization