Seeking for Mevlana in Konya

Seeking for Mevlana in Konya
Despite he warned
we need to seek for him in lovers’ hearts
I came to Konya
He was not there in his shrine
His cloak, cap and quilted turbin were all empty
As I mourned and shed tears in the mausoleum
a veiled woman comforted me and passed a candy
I thought I would see him next to me
During the Friday prayer, but no
I rushed to the Shams Park near the historic Turkish bath
My Mevlana was at the gate of the so-called Tebrizi mosque
Gently pushing visitors out with his shoulder strap
I heard him whisper:
‘This is my friend and teacher, Shemsi Tebrizi,
Could you please seek for yours?’
Like a true lover
I vanished
In the city of hearts
The fragrance
of the prophet’s beard
Remained in my place.