Usmon Azim

38_n(A letter to my poet friend on Alpamysh)

Alpamysh is sleeping in the Arpali Desert.
I will not bother him.

If he wakes up, what shall we ask him to do,
Khurshid Davron?

Will he sell sunflower seeds at the Eski Juva market
Like my younger brother?

Or will he pick two tons of cotton like my elder brother?
What shall we ask him to do otherwise,
Khurshid Davron?

Will he take lessons of faithlessness from our uncle?
Or will he learn the ways of getting an award?
Would he hang himself when he sees our aunt’s shenanigans?
So, what shall we ask him to do,
Khurshid Davron?

Do you think he can cope with drinking beer with us?
Or will he infringe the copyright of someone else’s book?

Do we care?

After all, it’s only our father who can take revenge on
for Alpamysh…
However, how could our father wake up
If Alpamysh is asleep?

(Translated by Aazam Abidov)