Hey, Friends

НавоийA ghazal by Alisher Navoi

Hey, Friends

Distressed lovers suffer from the beloved’s separation, hey friends,
I do not have my truelove, so I’m not in laceration, hey friends.

Would you advise that I need to keep the sweetheart’s love a secret,
I’d nothing to do with it, can’t make a revelation, hey friends.

If someone exaggerates with love about his dedication
To the promise of the finicky, do not pay attention, hey friends.

Do not always reprehend my choice saying that I’m forlorn,
Since in the past I too had a beautiful creation, hey friends.

You enjoy with your love-mate in the gardens and tulip fields,
Without love, I’ll cry bitterly in site of devastation, hey friends.

Do not blame me if I shed too much of tears without sweetie,
Cause often it happens to me with no advance intention, hey friends.

Be my friend and from time to time put a glass into my mouth,
Craving tries to assassinate myself sans satisfaction, hey friends.

Drink wine, since many times seeking among people in the whole world,
We didn’t find anyone steady in promise and devotion, hey friends.

Be grateful for having a tryst with your own dearest lover,
Since in loneliness, loveless Navoi’s in needy situation, hey friends.

Translated by Azam Abidov