erkin1Happy birthday to beautiful Uzbek poetess ZEBO MIRZO!
“Give your soul only once to kiss”

All right, you may go off…
As if wild orchids
Cry bitter tears in the moonlit night
Lip of hope will converse in whispers
Begging in your stare beam of light.
You ignore,
and pangs of love that shed
From my eyes begin to wash your track
All right, you go…
But give your heart to me
Last time to kiss for this
leave-taking’s sake…
You are worthwhile, I say, in any case,
Thanks a lot for those previous days
But never ask to stop. In fact love –life.
No end to this long story and no ways!
Look, the sad moon trembles tipsily
In the bosom of a senseless night,
Having forded the river of tortures
Probably we shall each other find?..
Say no good bye, but just in my eyes stay.
Look, in full of depression I miss.
Take my life,
And wholly take my pain,
Give your soul
only once to kiss!..