Poems by imprisoned Uzbek poet and journalist DIlmurod SAYYID

dilDear Friends,
Please meet an Uzbek journalist and poet in prison, Dilmurod SAYYID.
I am very hopeful for his soonest release.


Do not laugh and flout, I entreat,
My mishap is only mine, indeed.
Luck is mine – it’s fate – so don’t retreat,
Do not even tell me “God forbid!”

My sad moments are all transient,
Go away your tears and sweet smile.
A human life’s the Sun, I comprehend:
Like once the Sun eclipses in a while.

Love mourning

Treated like a step baby, move love,
It was fallen down in a crowd.
Trust and hope both were buried alive
Even wrapped up without any shroud.

My soul turned to everything a tomb,
I kept silent to not make a boom.
Mercilessly needy love was drowned
And sent with no honor underground.

Again absorbed I was in lamentation,
All my body withered and dried,
Like a beggar hurt of great starvation,
Motionless the poor fortune died.
Fidelity fell on the field of love

As salaam-aleikum, humble gallows-tree!
From “Kuntughmish” epic poem

Fidelity fell on the field of love
Filled with gold the promise crown now,
A word is left with scanty heart above:
“As salaam-aleikum, humble gallows-tree!”

We buried trust without winding-sheet,
The tomb was covered by a stone-neat,
This was used instead of grace to greet:
“As salaam-aleikum, humble gallows-tree!”

Wept a blackish soul of Leila,
Disgraced Shirin turned in the end to failure,
You are the only left the Lover’s valor:
“As salaam-aleikum, humble gallows-tree!”

I only hang my body on you, but
My spirit is not capable to stay,
A swallow of the soul recites selavat,
Revolving over head until doomsday:
“As salaam-aleikum, humble gallows-tree!”

After listening to “Ushshoq”

Bewitched by the tune of “Qaro ko’zim”
A strange feeling is waving in my vein.
Slices me a black-eyed beauty’s dream,
Set fire on my body to constrain.

If a player washes his corpse with fragrant oil
I will clean the dust of soul with pure wine.
If the sweat on face can make the player fall
I will pass away in search of this divine.
By tunes of “Qaro ko’zim” my whole body flies
And my poor heart beseeches in full of torment.
Oh, black-eyed beauty, from your lovely eyes
My happiness is taking color every moment.

I prayed days and nights asking God
That we left each other in our sleep.
I cordially bent the knee a lot
So that her in my bosom I could keep.

By mischance my pleading was left out,
No rescue was in prayer and appeal.
My desire quickly turned to doubt,
At the altar was buried my zeal.

And you, as before, are so winsome,
Still you seat on the throne of the charm.
As always, like fortune you’re awesome,
But this luck is in a stranger’s arm…



We have parted!
Mountains didn’t fall,
Rivers did not overrun either,
We have parted!
No person asked at all,
No wonder was observed around wider.
We have parted!
Simply, gladly, apt,
Indifferently waving only hands.
We have parted!
A tuneless song was left,
A song of life too with this poem ends.

Every night I see you in my sleep
With regret and tears in your eyes.
Not a single word flies from your lip,
I feel you are offended, sweetie, wise.

I host you through the dream and my heart fears
Blazing every night at you I stare,
As in real life I wipe your tears,
Of you I love in long dreams to take care!..

A wise man collects knowledge but stupid – wallet,
One may have Korun’s wealth, but can’t be Lukman,
Like a dog eats kebab on a golden plate
It still is a dog, can be never human!


“Paradise lies under mothers’ feet,”
We like to say this favorite hadith,
The needs of heavens though we try to fit
But forget a mother’s foot to kiss!

Stop one moment; don’t be in a hurry,
You, even be my friend or foe, halt.
Show a way to me, a wanderer, buddy,
How can I concur with the Time’s fault?


To love again wants neither soul nor heart,
Zeal of crazy youth does not need to smart.
Look, so many beauties revolve around you,
Their coquetry’s enough, no amour to restart.


Translated by Aazam Abidov

Image taken from Internet