Seed Yanyshev: “I sang for ten years and became a famous singer… among friends”


Today we offer you to get acquainted with another finalist of the “Novellasia” literary competition – Seed Yanyshev, who won thanks to his collection of short stories.

Seed Yanyshev was born on June 17, 1972 in Tashkent. Future journalist and writer was brought up by his mother and grandmother. The first interest in creative work has appeared in Yanyshev in early adolescence during the study at a music school, where he was learning the fundamentals of playing the accordion. 

“That’s when I began to write my first songs – with accompaniment of an accordion. After a couple of years I have mastered the guitar and for the first time became the winner of Chimgan festival of art song. At the age of 15 I came on the scene of a crowded hall for 700 people in the center of Tashkent”, – Yanyshev says.

There is a lot in the writer’s life connected to music. In the past, Seed Yanyshev three times became a winner of various festivals of art song, and was the author and lead singer of the rock band. But even that is not all. He is really can be called a many-sided and extraordinary man, because behind Yanyshev’s shoulders there is also direction of the school theater studio, creation and performance as a anchor of the youth game at Uzbek TV, Radio-DJ experience on several FM-radio stations, as well as a half dozen short copyright movies.

“But I almost didn’t aim to be published, even at my own expense, therefore I don’t have the author’s books. Summing up the achievements listed above, I would like to quote Boris Grebenshikov: “I sang for ten years and became a famous singer… among friends.”

Currently, Seed Yanyshev earns money for bread and butter by the “dissident” journalism. He has been published on foreign websites and writes stories, the plots of which he derives only from personal experience.

“In each of my story 70% is my slightly shuffled life and only 30% is a fantasy. And I am deeply convinced that we need to write exactly this way. Why we should invent something, if the life (at least, mine) is so incredibly interesting! It is much deeper and richer than any fiction”, – Yanyshev says.

As for the family and the inner circle of the writer, there is only a few of them who admits his creative activity. As acknowledged by the author, in order to achieve recognition of close people, it is necessary not only to be constantly engaged in creative work, but also to make a name for himself and become famous throughout the world.

“For example, my mother: to make her understand that her son is somehow a writer, I had to become the winner of “Novellasia”. It means that I had to be highly praised from the side. But even though, if I wouldn’t get worldwide fame in the next few years, then today’s regalia will be forgotten quickly. Same goes for the friends.”

Of course, Seed Yanyshev is really wouldn’t refuse to gain worldwide fame in literature, but more just to then deal exclusively with what is interesting for him, and not to think about the earnings.

“However, I am not making any special effort to implement this desire. I guess I am one of those who need a producer who will do everything himself. And I will just write”, – concluded Yanyshev.