Despite night fell, to light darkness, my sweetheart is out of sight,

Because of fire of this torment in each breath my heart would ignite.


What if my hidden suffering is not seen through my chest hole?

The seam in my collar reveals my chest is indeed wounded tonight.


My eye drops like a margarite are flowing like Jayhun overnight,

The eye water prettified quite making the universe so bright.


To the sky the stars were thrown and the sun was off its throne,

But my precious one alone from the horse did not alight.


Blackness turned the world into well, a dead man, in mirk I can’t dwell,

Come, save me like Hizr, my belle, with living water give delight.


Do not say the heaven sunless, empyrean is in dourness,

This is soot in good sooth, you guess, from my mistress’ slight to my plight.


In the hands of separation, Navoi died of frustration,

I need not a hundred salvation, just let her come and I’ll be alright.