Recitation by KARIM BAHRIYEV


In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Birds called out my spirit overnight,

My body filled up with a divine might.

Pure sounds coursed into my ear,

Eternal wind caressed my flesh to clear.


I could smell the odor of the soil…

I opened eyes and into prayer dived.

My body covered with the fragrant oil,

In my tongue as wail Allah revived.


Oh God, I savored by the treat of dawn,

I with ringing tongue began to troll –

Thanks, again I could become newborn!

I could not arouse after all…



Oh Allah, thank you for misery you gave,

With infinite affliction I became ill-fated.

But I am so blessed as among your slaves

For your burning torments I was designated.


Thanks, Allah, I endured, stuck out my chest,

In my heart I preserve your voiceless, shining smile…

In the world, to my life much sorrow you sent,

Since you don’t forget me for a little while…



This hurt comes from you, a burying-place is mine,

Hanged in my throat a soul and shiver.

Today I don’t fear to be kept in shrine,

If decease towards you carries me so near.


My soul belongs to you, take it any time,

Sigh is transient like an autumn leaf.

An inevitable death is my asset prime,

You revoke my life and not demise in brief.


Oh Allah, I too commit an immense sin,

You have a fluvial nature, you endure.

In fact my sins are of a huge dimension –

The only one who can forgive is you…



Mournful anguish fell in heart from morning…

I mounted up to see my friend strong-willed.

But the friend was fortunate, sans yearning,

So I also smiled despite I grilled.



I wanted to tell sadness to my parents,

But, no, I hurt them very much before.

So “I’m happy,” I could tell them only,

Keeping silent came back with my sore.


Everyone told his own joy and pain,

I only listened, couldn’t speak a word.

I let the people feast and entertain,

To desecrate them I could not afford.


I could share grief with my wife, children,

As misfortune often licked my heart.

But my child was smiling to the world,

And my laughing lady was too smart…


I recognized a sad man is unwanted,

And no one will like your tear either.

Oh, Allah, I told my pain to you,

You are the only friend and sympathizer.