Differences in Transference of Proverbs in Prosaic Works by E.A’zam


Erkin A’zam is one of the most famous writers of Uzbekistan and his works are read not only by Uzbek reader, but among foreign readers as well. There are lots of peculiar features in the English translation of the literary made by A’zam Obidov. The article deals with the translation of the national features of the stories “Guli-Guli”, “A Tender-hearted Dwarf”, “The Writer’s Garden” and “The Boss’s Dog”the novel on the basis of comparative analysis. The translation and comparative analysis show that the translator A’zam Obidov did his best to message the reader the originality of the work, which is observed in particular on the features of the Uzbek character. The purpose of the translation is to introduce the Uzbek people’s lifestyle to the readers of the world; to strengthen the communication among people, literature, and intercultural society.