Birth of Amir Temur by Haydar Muhammad

Haydar Muhammad

Birth of Amir Temur
(Two-stage tale-play)

In commemoration of my father Muhammadsiddiq Muhammadalikhon-oghli


Tegina – Temur’s mother
Turaghay – Temur’s father
Sheikh-ul-a’lam – saint
Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat – Tegina’s father
Amir Choqu – mayor of Zanjeer Sara
Qalandar Shoshi – sagacious priest
Youqun – Turaghay’s elder wife
Moydinqul – Youqun-begim’s slave
Bayonqulikhon – khan of Bukhara
Old man – devil
Qozaghonkhon – Youqun’s father
Siroj Qamari – Bayonqulikhon’s vizier
Burhoniddin – tutor from Samarqand
Envoys, students, servants

Stories take place in 734-735 (Muslim chronology) or 1335-1336 (Christian chronology) in Bukhara, Shahrisabz, Zanjeer Sara and Khoja Ilghor.

Act 1
Scene 1

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat teaches at one of madrasahs in Bukhara. There are four students sitting before him and learning their lesson.

Sadr-ash-Sha’riat: My dear students, according to ancient books, in Islamic lunar calendar, every eight hundred yeas a conqueror comes to this world. It is known that two conquerors have already come. One of them is Iskander Zulqarnayn and the other is prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
This kind of phenomenon will occur when Venus and Jupiter will come closer in the sky. One of those sons born in that time becomes a conqueror.

A student: Your holiness, as far as I remember, astronomers say that the approach of the planets you mentioned is seasonal. Do you think a holy person may also come during our times?

1This work has been written on the basis of Salohiddin Toshkandi’s “Temurnoma”
Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: My child, it is The Almighty’s business. Allah the Creator’s is generous… If He wants to send a conqueror to an oppressed people, it is not difficult for Him to do it. I have no doubt.

Qalandar Shoshi enters the room.
Qalandar Shoshi: Haq do’st yo Alloh (Allah is the most reliable friend)! Haq do’st yo Alloh! Because of Him Roustam became famous. He killed the enemy at last. Haq do’st yo Alloh! Haq do’st yo Alloh! Those who love wealth and is committed to sinful desires, they will feel sorry at the end, at the time of death-agony. Haq do’st yo Alloh! Haq do’st yo Alloh!

He who is rich and goes through the way of God,
He will become happy in two worlds.
Haq do’st yo Alloh! Haq do’st yo Alloh!

Assalamu alaykum va rahmatullohi va barakatuhu (Greetings to you)! I have come with good news and I have to tell it to reverend Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat and his clever students.

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: Welcome, weloce to Holy Bukhara, my dear Qalandar. Where have you been and where are you going?

Qalandar Shoshi: Your eminency, Qalandar Shoshi’s intention is, inshaallah, Holy Mecca. He wants to go on a pilgrimage.

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: Inshaallah, your dream will come true. Now, my dear friend, tell us about your origin a little.

Qalandar Shoshi: My forefathers were traders and they bequeathed that I would obey God’s way. And they gave me to Mahmoud ishon khoja as his disciple.

Sadr-ash-Sah’riyat: Khoja Mahmud Eshon is very esteemed person in Shosh. How is His Excellency by the way?

Qalandar Shoshi: He is alright and in a good mood. God has endowed him with a son. His name is Hoji Ubaydulloh and one of his sons’ name will become Hoja Ahror, he said.

Sadr-ash-Sah’riyat: Amen, may his descendants be holy persons. Amen, Allahu akbar (Allah is great)!

All together: Amen! Allahu akbar!

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: Allohu akbar!

All: Allohu akbar!

Qalandar Shoshi: Your eminency, let me tell you one important thing.

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: Yes, please tell.

Qalandar Shoshi: The important thing is that you have to give in marriage your virgin daughter Tegina-begim. Marry her! Marry her! Inshaallah, she will give birth to a lucky conqueror.

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat (surprised): My dear Qalandar, where do you know about it?

Qalandar Shoshi: I am aware of the knowledge of the time to come.

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat (to himself): O my God, this knowledge is given only to Spirits. Have I seen a spirit in the form of Qalandar? I must check it now and I have to ask Qalandar some questions. (To Qalandar) If you are aware of the knowledge of the time to come, then please tell us how long a happy conqueror to come will live in the world and what kind of wonder will he bring?

Qalandar Shoshi: By Muslim chronology, he will live 72 years 11 months and 12 days. 40 years on horseback he will overcome Chagatay sultans ruling in Maverannahr. He will unite Rum, Ajam, Khuroson and India in one empire.

All together: Good gracious!

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: Qalandar, you are forecasting about his birth, what can you tell about his death?

Qalandar Shosi: Enemy will attack Samarqand. Snakes will go out of the Shaizinda well. The enemy will retreat. He will return like a winner from a long warfare. Three swans will appear and put the snakes in their old well. They will perch on a high minaret, sing “Arkhayl, arkhayl, arkhayl” three times and disappear. A child will be born. Instead of crying, he will tell “Yo Allah! Yo Allah!” The Sun will shine. The conqueror will die after 9 months. Winter will be too cold that year.

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat (to himself): This is either a saint or a swindler. God knows about human being’s destiny. Human being gratifies God. This man is pretending to know the fate. Anyway, in order to clarify his personality, I have to inform His Excellency Khan about it. (To students) Disciples, hold Qalandar and fasten his hands and legs! (Disciples fulfill their teacher’s order).

(Two disciples): Abdulqahhor and Abu Said, you two go and inform Bayon Qulikhon about what happened. If he orders to come, we’ll bring over him to the palace. You may go.

Two disciple go out quickly.

Qalandar Shoshi: Hey Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat, you have fastened me. But none is able to hold me. He who fastens me fastens his own child.

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: Qalandar Shoshi, tell me please, what will happen after the conqueror’s death?

Qalandar Shoshi: After his death, his descendants will rule the empire nearly 450 years. Prior to his death the Conqueror will ask a man to descend into the Shahizinda well in Samarqand. In the well he will see a privy empire of Qusam ibn Abbos, one Prophet Muhammad’s followers. Qusam ibn Abbos tells that he will go out of the well when Jesus the spirit of Allah descends from the sky to the earth. A man will bring out a small box from the well and will open the box before rulers. Arabic letters – one alif, one zol and one jim will be written there. For a long time they cannot comment what does that mean. The commentary runs in this way: Alif I. Zol is seven and jim is three, i.e. 703 years after the conqueror’s birth, a just king will come in Maverannahr. That empire will be very influential.
Hey, Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat, grandfather of the Conqueror from mother’s party, please cover my front. Bright light is blinding my eyes.

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: Disciples, take a rope and cover him with a sheet!

Disciples fulfill his order.

Herald’s voice. Hey, people of madrasah, be ready to bow! Let your eyes be down. His Excellency Bayonqulikhon, one of the sultans of Chagatay dynasty, ruler of Bukhara, along with his viziers Seeroj Qamariy Sheikh-ul-a’lam and Sayfiddin Hoja ishon have come to meet Qalandar Shoshi, who is aware of the knowledge of the days to come.

All people bow. Bayonqulikhon, Seeroj Qamari and Sheikh-ul-a’lam enter.

Bayonqulikhon: Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat, where is that Qalandar Shoshi, who pretends to know the future?

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: Dear righteous sultan, we have chained that Qalandar Shoshi in order to show him to You. After a while, Qalandar asked to cover him as light blinded his eyes. He is behind the curtain. Disciples, please open the curtain!

Disciples go and open the curtain. Instead of Qalandar they see a beautiful girl – Tegina. She is like a fool.

All people: Oh no!

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: O dear me! My daughter Tegina-begum Moh! What is the matter?

Bayonqulikhon: What kind of trick and play is this?!

Tegina: (she stands up and embraces her father) My dearest father (to Bayonqulikhon)

Your name is Bayonqulikhon,
To shhot a sparrow you go on,
You are so sinful man,
You’ve a trap in your hand.

(she laughs, dances, weeps)

Bayonqulikhon: Capture! Chain all of them – Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat, her daughter, disciples. Close the madrasah!

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Hey generous and powerful sultan! You are able to do everything. The world will become dark from your anger. The world will flourish because of your mercy!
My dear sultan, these poor people are sinless. It is not good to chain them. Actually, Qalandar Shoshi who came in the face of spirit did this. He made the girl crazy and left her here.

Bayonqulikhon: Sayfiddin Khoja ishon, you are also on the side of a crazy girl] and other people here. I will chain you, too.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Your Excellency, I am slave of God and I am your servant. Now it is possible to recover this crazy girl with prayer. This virgin, tidy and beautiful will bear a blessed son.
Now I am ready, they may chain me. But you remember well that Qozonkhon who banished you from the palace and ordered to kill you.

Bayonqulikhon: Is there any reason to remind me about that, sheikh-ul-a’lam?

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: I mean you do not have to be despot like Qozonkhon.

May people say that Bayonqulikhon
Is devoted and loves his own nation.
He is the enemy of a foe
And is always good with population.

It was known that people called by Qozonkhon would bid farewell to their families. That impure man closed schools. He killed mullahs. Then he sent a man and asked me to come. But I did not go. Angrily when he was riding towards me, I threw an apple the sky. The apple turned into a basket of apple in the hand of a peasant and appeared before Qozonkhon. His horse startled and Qozonkhon fell down and died.

Bayonqulikhon: I am not aware of the rest of the story. When I was grazing a richman’s sheep on a hill, your disciples came and tried on a sick to my height. All of a sudden they screamed saying “We’ve found the khan”. Please forgive me, your excelency. Please release from custody. Blow on this person interspersing from Koran to heal the girl.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: I will do that three days and she will get better, inshaallah. Sadr-as-sha’riyat, my ishon, do as you like.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: A lad who is going to be bridegroom for Teginabegim Moh is not in Bukhara-i-sharif. The condition is that the bridegroom to be should built a high mosque with a terrace.

Scene II

The same view. Sheikh-ul-a’lam instead of Sadr-ash-sha’riyat teaching a lesson to students.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: But, know, that eminent Sultan Hoja Ahmad Yassavi, leader of sheikhs, sultan of saints, said the following: “After us when doomsday will come nearer, such sheikhs will appear that the damned Demon will take lessons from them, all people dislike them and their disciples cannot be ruled. Those sheikhs desire something from their disciples. They will commit blasphemy. (Turaghay comes in and takes a seat in a corner. Sheikh-ul-a’lam sees him and stops teaching.)
Welcome, welcome to our circle, dear Conqueror’s father.

Turaghay: Praise be to Allah, the owner of all worlds and a good consequence is for true people. Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad and his family and his followers.
My dear sheikhul-a’lam Sayfiddin ishon peer. I am, Turaghay brave man son of Amir Burkul, came to your threshold to get pleasure from the light of your sunny trace. In short, I went to hunt and gave chase to a gazelle. The gazelle ran and went into a flock of sheep in a canyon. I got there and saw a wolf. I turned to the wolf. I shot the wolf with my bow and it died. At the same time a shepherd was sleeping on a big stone. I stepped up to him. He got up and said: Hey Turaghay the brave man, please do not scold me, I saw you in my sleep now. A man in blue came to me and said that Turaghay Bahodir would come. He asked me to tell you that you should go to Bukhara to see Sheikh-A’lam. You should marry to Teginabegim Moh, Sadr-ash-sha’riyat’s daughter. The girl will give birth to a Conqueror. I did not believe this before. But the man’s dog barked strangely. I asked what his dog meant. He said that the dog approved all the words he said. I told him that he was afraid of my stick and therefore he was cheating me. But he said: “Hey brave man, I am a poor shepherd, where from I may know Sheikh-ul-a’lam, Sadr-ush-sha’riyat and his daughter Teginabegim Moh in Bukhara?” After that, I believed him and came to you.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: What the shepherd saw in his sleep is right. We are keeping Teginabegim Moh for you. But we have a condition: a bridegroom to be should build a mosque with a terrace in Bukhara in one night. (Turaghay hangs his head despondently)
Hey, Emir Turaghay the brave man, do not grieve. I will teach you a payer to build a mosque with a terrace. If you read that prayer, your problems will be solved. (To disciples) My dea disciples, you may go today. If God wants, I will see you in the morning during a morning prayer.

Happy students leave the place respectfully. Sheikh-ul-a’lam and Turaghay remain alone.

Turaghay: Your eminence, please teach me that prayer. Once heard, I will learn it by heart, inshaallah.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Hey Emir Turagahay the brave man, before teaching you the prayer, I would like to ask you one thing.

Turaghay. I am at your service.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Firstly – do you know kalimai shariah (shariah), secondly – do you know kalimai tariqat (the true way), thirdly – do you know kailmai ma’rifat (enlightenment), and fourthly – do you know kalimai haqiqat (truth)?

Turagahay: Perfect knowledge is with God only. I can answer according to my own knowledge.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Please!

Turagahay: Kalimai shariah is the following: La ilaha illallohu Muhammadur rosululloh (There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet). Kalima tariqah is: La ilaha illallohu saffan saffa. Muhammadur rosululloh. Kalima ma’rifat is: La ilaha illallohu azamatihi Muhammadur rosululloh khilqatuhu. Kalimai haqiqat is: La ilaha illallohu bi qudratuhu Muhammadur rosululloh bi risolatihi.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Well done, brave man! Well done! I will certainly teach you this sacred prayer. First of all you have to wash yourself and pray two rakaat of namaz. Turagahay the brave man, take your time, listen to my words and keep them in mind. Then I will teach you the prayer (dua).

Turaghay: I am at your service. Please go on.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: When you learn the prayer (dua), you should go to the graveyard of His eminence Fayz Osar Ayub. If the door of verandah (khonaqoh) is closed, do not open it. There is a spring nearby. You will sit near the spring. Do not be surprised whatever you see there and keep silence whatever you hear. One of the Sufis will bring a packed food. If the food is of good substances (mubohat), your dreams will come true and God will grant you with a son. That child will strictly obey the rules of shariah. If the food is of bad substances (mahramot), your son will commit evil doings only. After eating the food, pass this letter to the Sufi (he gives a wrapped paper to him). Please be careful that you should not follow the Sufi. Do not enter the dome and do not look at them. If someone asks you why you did not you pay attention, just neglect them. Now, my brave man, wash yourself, read two rakaat of namaz and then I will teach you the dua (prayer).

Scene III
The graveyard of Fayz OSor Ayub. Turagahay is sitting at the spring near the big dome. Music is heard in the dome.

Turagahay (to himself): Subhanallah, subhanalah, what a music is this in the graveyard, I cannot imagine. What kind of secret is this?

Sheikh-ul-a’lam’s voice: Do not be surprised whatever you see there and keep silence whatever you hear.

Turaghay (to himself): Yes, yes, I have to keep silence.

All of a sudden a Sufi in green comes out of the door, brings a wrapped food and puts before Turagahay.

Turaghay (to the Sufi): Is this food of good substances or of bad?

The Sufi tells nothing and goes back to the dome.

Turaghay: Bismillahir rohmanir rohim (In the name of Allah the beneficent and the merciful! – he opens the food). Milk. (He drinks the milk. The Sufi comes. Turaghay passes him the letter. The Sufi wraps the tablecloth, puts the letter on the tablecloth, tells nothing and goes back to the dome. Turgahay looks at the dome surprisingly and returns back. He hears “Allahu akbar!” (Allah is the great) coming from the dome. Turagahay gets alarmed.)

Turaghay (to himself): O my God, subhanallah, what happened to me? As if there is fire in my body. I am uneasy.

All of a sudden a dance music plays, dancer girls begin to dance here and there.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam (his voice): Do not be surprised whatever you see there and keep silence whatever you hear.

Turaghay (to himself): No, I am not surprised at these dancers. Get out of here, refined girls.

He goes on indifferently. Girls dance even better, but Turaghay pays no attention. Suddenly an old well-dressed man appears.

Old man: Hey my child, why are you so indifferent? Why don’t you pay attention to such a greta performance. Look at these girls, each of them are so beautiful with their marble breast, antlike waist, Venus eyes and long hair. These girls are burning in your love. Pleasure of love and ardent desire flow in their veins. With refined beauty in their eyes, kind supplication in their hearts, are not they able to light up your youngish and proud heart. Hey, proud man, dance with them and enjoy yourself. Make merry in this five-day world. Later you will never find it. Or are you going to follow Sheikh-a’lam’s words and avoid this enjoyment?

Turaghay: You are right, father. These girls are really very beautiful. They are overcoming my body and arresting my souOld man: Well done, a proud man. If you enjoy yourself with them, they will take you to the garden of Eram that you’ve never seen before. And you will be the owner of that empire. These beautiful girls will become yours. So get pleasure! Take delight in them! Enjoy yourself, hey proud man!

Dancers encircle him and attract. Turaghay beins to dance with them. All of a sudden, a shadow appears, slaps Turaghay in the face and disappears. Then Sheikh-ul-a’lam appears in the light. The old man and dancers evanesce.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Emir Turaghay the brave man, you are engaged in a strange performance. Have you forgotten my words? It was me who slapped you in the face.
I wanted to keep you away from falling into Devils’ temptation. The old man who seduced you was that damned Devil. The dancers were genies. Yes, they made you to go astray. But you had to differ it…

Turagahay: You kept me from Devils’ path and genies’ dance, may Allah’s mercy be upon you. I am you servant… I am worthy to be punished. You can do anything with me.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam with open palm): Emir Turaghay the brave man.

Turaghay: Yes, your eminence.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Look at my fingers.
(Taraghay lloks at his fingers)
What are you seeing?

Turgahay: Gracious me, subhanallah, so many people are carrying stones and bricks and building a dome.

Sheikh: That dome is the mosque and a verandah (khonaqoh) devoted to your marriage with Teginabegim Moh, which will be held tomorrow. In the morning, people in Bukhara will be aware that you built this mosque.

Turagahay (falls to his knees and rubs Sheikh’s cloth to his eyes as a sign of deep respect: Your prophecy is endless and your generosity is countless. It is the sign that God loves you and you are a miraculous saint. You are so generous with me. I am your slave. May Allah be merciful to you.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Stand up! (Turaghay stands up) Conqueror’s father, I am seeing your forefathers and generation great.

Turaghay: Youe eminence, who is the person ruling those working people?

Sheikh-ul-a’lamL Their leader disappeared. They asked me to be their leader. I told them that their leader would be Emir Turaghay the brave man.

Turaghay (looking at his fingers): Your eminence, I recognized. They are my lost soldiers. Subhanallah. Though they are soldiers, they also seem to be very good builders. O my God! Allah is great!

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: They came to me and asked me to be their leader. I did not accept it. They came again. I accepted their request, but put a condition before them that they had to build a mosque with a verandah. They accepted my request with great pleasure and began to work.

Turaghay: Your eminence, dawn is breaking. Look, the dome has been built.

A beautiful mosque appears with domes and verandahs. Sofy calls people to pray. Allohu akbar! Allah is great! Allah is great!

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: People are coming to a morning prayer.

Voice 1: Gracious me, where this great mosque appeared from?
Voice 2: Oh my God, yesterday this place was empty.
Voice 3: Look how it is beautiful and lightsome. Such a nice color it has. Verses from Koran were written on the gilded dome. What a surprise it is (he reads a verse)…
Voice: Allah is great…
Voice: Dear brothers, No doubt that this is of prophecy of our Sheikh-ul-a’lam Sayfiddin khoja ishon.
Voice: This holy man is so knowledgeable. It is because he possesses the knowledge of the coming days. Look, he is also here (3-4 people come in)
Voice: Assalamu alaykum, your eminence!

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Praise be to Allah, the owner of the worlds. Indeed, the good consequent is to people on the right way. Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family and his followers.
Dear people of Bukhara. Bukhara is the power of the religion of Islam. As you may see now, Emir Turaghay bahodur ibn Burkul have this mosque built in one night.

Voices: “Well done!” “Bravo!” “May Allah grant him!” “May all his dreams come true!” “May God give him long life.” “May Allah save him.” “May he be happy forever.” “May God give him good children.”

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: We promised that we would marry Sadr-ash-sha’riyat’s daughter Tegunabegim Moh to a person, who was able to build a mosque in one night. This promise has been fulfilled by Emir Turaghay the brave man. Now we shall make a wedding ceremony and let people know about this marriage. Dear people of Bukhara, I would like to inform you that Emir Qozoghonkhon ibn Qozonkhon said that Teginabegim Moh is devoted to him. “I am a sultan of Chingizkhan’s denasty, why do you marry her to Turaghay bahodur, Qorachor nuyon’s descendant? If you do not give her in marriage to me I will fight with you”, he said.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: If the girl is yours, then why didn’t you come earlier to ask about it. We will marry her to Turaghay bahodur according to Islamic rules, I replied. He felt angry and said that he would kill all the people of Maverannahr. He also said that the Conqueror to come must not be born. I told him “do what you can do”.

Voices: “When these Moguls leave us alone?” “Is there anyone able to overcome them?” “Is it true that people of Maverannahr are so unhappy?”
“Until when this land becomes target for hungry eyes?” “Sometimes Iran, at other Alexander, and then Moguls invaded this land; Is Turon place for everyone to possess with pushing and shoving?” “Oh God, please give us a brave man” “May time come when Maverannahr become proud and live in peace” “O God, help us, you are the most powerful”…

Herald’s voice: Hey, people! People! Listen to me! Qozonkhon has come to fight with Sheikh-ul-a’lam! If Sheikh-ul-a’lam Sadr-ash-sha’riyat does not give his daughter Teginabegim Moh in marriage to me, I will kill you all, he said. He is calling Sheikh-ul-a’lam or one of his courageous persons to fight with him face to face.

(All of a sudden military march, horse neigh and noise of people will be heard.)

Turaghay: Your eminence, let me fight with my father-in-law Qozoghonkhon hand to hand!

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Emir Turaghay, you do not fight with him, it is not good to fight with father-in-law.

Turaghay: Your eminence, please let me go for it. He is playing a tick because I married to Teginabegim Moh as a rival to his daughter. He who fights against you has no faith at all. Please let me fight with him! Please!

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: It is impossible to deny the brave man’s request. Let four hundred disciples of mine be ready to a battle. Turaghay-bahodir, you’ll lead them.

Turaghay leaves. Qozaghankhon enters with his soldiers.

Qozaghonkhon: Hey, sheikh, tell them to take Teginabegim Moh from Turaghay and give her to me. Ask Turaghay to divorse his wife.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Hey Qozaghankhon, if you come with your troop, then you want to die. Are you going to fight against a sacred city like Bukhara? Have you come to shed blood of innocent people? Do you like to show yourself as a brave man? It is a pity, your intention is not good and your dream is like a mirage.

Qozghonkhon: I tell you once. Hey sheikh, give Teginabegim Moh to me. Otherwise, I will turn this sacred Bukhara to an unfortunate Bukhara.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Is it your habit to ruin cities like a descendant of Chingizkhan, who destroyed the world? No, sacred Bukhara will never become an unfortunate city, inshaallah!

Qozaghonkhon: Today you will see this.

You will see this with your own eyes,
You will see Qozaghonkhon is wise.
The world’s under Qozaghonkhon’s feet
Of this, how can Bukhara get rid?

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Hey giaour! Emir Turaghay is your son-in-law, his second wife Teginabegim Moh is like your daughter, do you think to marry to her? Even a beast of prey will not do this. Shame on you!

Qozaghonkhon: According to Islamic rules, they should divorce. But I am not in Islam. Our nomad tribes marry to their own sister, too.

Voices: “Oh my God!” “Earth may swallow them” “They have to be stoned!”

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Hey Qozaghonkhon! Your father Qozonkhon also was an ill-mannered and ignorant king. He ordered to destroy mosques and madrasahs (schools). He killed mullahs and ishons. He ruined tombs of saints. At last, he fell down from the horse, broke his neck and died. If you want to know my secret know, that my prophecy is because of the power of Islam. Here is quatrain:

Death came from Almighty to his slave,
You, do not stride on king’s enclave,
You saw what happened to King Maleek,
Afraid of God, never play a trick!
(S. Toshkandi)

Qozaghonkhon (to himself): Yes, my father Qozonkhon died because this sheikh cursed him. I am afraid that I may die soon. It is better for me to refuse my wish and go back home. There are a lot of other girls. If not Tegina, Begima will be mine. (To Sheikh-ul-a’lam) Hey, sheikh, I do not want to shed people’s blood. I go back. (He starts moving back, but the old man appears before him)

Old man: Hey Chingizkhan’s descendent, it is not good for you retreat. This sheikh did not kill your father King Maleek. Your father died because his horse startled as a farmer appeared before him with a basket of apples. He considers himself a holy man. Actually, he is a sinful man with a turban on his head. Do not be afraid of him and keep your word. You are Sultan Qozaghankhon, Chingizkhon’s descendent.

Qozaghonkhon (proudly): You are right, old man, I want to fight. I will not take back my promise.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Hey Qozaghonkhon! You are following the Devil in the shape of the old man. Now you will see your destiny as defined by Allah. Let me pray (He sits down and starts paying)

Turaghay: I call Emir Qozghonkhon to fight face to face.

Qozaghonkhon: He Emir Turaghay, your death is near. Bid farewell to your benefactor Sheikh-ul-a’lam.

Turaghay: To start fighting for every brave man means parting. It is better for you to divorce with your harem. Otherwise you will not be able to say a word.

Qozaghonkhon: Chingizkhon’s descendents will never be defeated. Therefore they fight without saying goodbye to their wives.
(Qozaghonkhon and Turaghay begin to cross their swords. The swords break. They are given spears. Spear touches a right eye of Turgahay. He falls down.

Qozaghonkhon: Now, Turaghay, though your are my son-in-law, I will behead you. Let your sheikh see you. Let him see how powerful Chingizkhan’s dynasty is!

He takes a dagger and tries to behead Turaghay.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: You did not believe my prophecy, giaour! May your father’s destiny will be yours too. Amen!

Sheikh takes a stick from the hay-carpet he sits on and throws to Qozaghonkhon. With prophecy, the stick turns to a spear.

Qozaghonkhon (screams): Ow! Oh no! Ow! It hit my chest and pierced at my shoulder blade. (He drops the dagger in his hand. His clothes all in blood.)

Voices: Qozoghonkhon died! We’ll have no peace now. Run away! Run! Hurry up! (All of a sudden screams, clatter of horses’ hoofs are heard. People approach Turaghay, help him to up and bind his right eye.)

If someone treats with disrespect
Severe nuisance he will get.
If one is angry with others unjustly
As it should be, God will castigate.

(S. Toshkandi)

Scene IV

Shahrisabz. Turaghay Bahodir’s palace. Well-dressed, Turagahay’s senior wife Yoqun-begim chats with his younger wife Tegina-begim Moh. Tegina-begim Moh is pregnant. It seems that the time to give birth is near.

Tegina. Yoqun-begim, I had a dream in my sleep today. The world was so lightsome. Two birds flew in and sat on my shoulders. Then a crow came and croaked so loudly. A hunter appeared and shot the two birds on my shoulders with one bullet. The crow disappeared. I was frightened and fainted away. I opened my eyes and found it happened in my dream. I do not know what was that about? I am surprised.

Yoqun-begim: Tegina-begim Moh, do not be surprised, never mind. Pregnant women see devilish dreams, they say. When a needy person comes, give alms to him. (To herself) My father Qozaghon asked me to do away with my rival. Priest Shoshi told him that Tegina-begim would give birth to a Conqueror and he would become the second Alexander. I did not bear. Turaghay will not keep a childless wife like me any more. I have to be vigilant. I have to kill tegina.

Turaghay comes in. Two wives stand at once and bow.

Tegina: Assalamu aleykum, my dear emir! Welcome!

Turaghay: Waaleykumussalam, sit down (they all sit down). Oh, Sheikh-ul-a’lam Sayfiddin khoja ishon left this world at his 135 years. That sacred saint was a very good person. Bayon Qulikhon Fayz Osor had a great tomb built in saint Ayub graveyard and buried him. We’ve heard this from a caravan came from Bukhara and felt sorry. May God bless him and give a place from paradise.

Tegina: Amen! May the most Merciful God bless him. We have to recite verses from Koran and bestow its requital to his eminency’s spirit.

Turaghay: Having heard, I have already gathered the palace staff, read Holy Koran and bestowed.

Youqun: (as if she is satisfied by this answer and trying to get rid) My dear Emir, I have a headache. Let me go and have some rest.

Turagahay: You may go.

Youqun leaves the place.

Youqun (to herself): Curse them both!

Tegina: My dear Emir, How will we name the child to be born?

Turaghay: Yesterday I saw the late Sheikh-ul-a’lam in my dream, he said that I would have a son and asked me to name him Temur. May he be strong like iron, he said. As my mother’s children die prematurely, she named me Turaghay, which means “may this child live long”. Inshallah, you will have many children.

Tegina: Tegina’s son – the Conqueror Amir Temur the Second Alexander.

Moydinqul comes in with a sealed letter.

Moydinqul: Assalomu alaykum, my Emir, let me say a word.

Turaghay: Yes, Moydinqul, what happnedn?

Moydinqul: A messenger came from Sultan Bayonqulikhon. He brought this letter.

Moydinqul passes the letter. Turaghay opens the letter and reads it.

Turaghay: “Amir Turaghay Bahodur, ibn Burkul bahodir”. The case is that Ughlonkhon’s troop has invaded Koshghar. Take armed forces from Karkon and go to overcome Ughlonkhon’s troops!
Resolution signed by Bayonqulikhon

Turaghay: We shall certainly fulfill the resolution of our Khan. I will go to Koshghar at once with troops at once. Tell about this to the errand boy!

Moydonqul: My Emir, I will tell your words and great decision to the messenger.
He goes out.

Tegina: My dear Emir, if you go to Koshghar to fight, what shall I do in the middle of two ways? I will give birth to a child soon.

TuraghaY: We are obliged to execute khan’s order. God will help you. I will ask Youqun begim to help you. She will not leave you alone. Servants, maids and other women will be at your service, too. Inshaallah, if I come from Koshghar as a winner, you will meet me with Temur the son Turaghay.

Tegina: Inshaallah, may our dream come true!

Moydinqul comes in.

Moydinqul: My Emir, Qalandar Shoshi wants to meet with you?

Turaghay: Who is that Qalandar Shoshi?

Tegina: My dear Emir, Qalandar Shoshi is a great saint who forecasted the birth of our child. When my father Sadr-ash-sha’riyat chained him, with his prophecy, he put me instead of himself and disappeared. It seems, again he has come to forecast some other thing.

Turaghay (To Moydinqul): Ask him to come in.

Qalandar Shoshi comes in.

Turaghay: Assalamu alaykum! Welcome!

Qalandar Shoshi: Hey, Emir Turaghay the brave man, I would like to tell you about the Conqueror to be born and his character and how to bring him up.

Turaghay: Where do you know the character of the child who was not born yet?

Shoshi: I am aware of the knowledge of the days to come and I know his destiny as a whole.

Turaghay: Oh my God. It is very interesting. Please tell us about the characters and destiny.

Shoshi: As regards the character, he will have all the good character in your body, but it is necessary to teach him works that are done with wit and experience.

Turaghay: What is that?

Shoshi: I mean your bravery, cleverness, decisiveness will pass with blood to his body.

Turaghay: What else should I teach then?

Shoshi: You should teach him lessons. He should know the knowledge of Shariah more than Sheikh-ul-a’lam. It is necessary to teach how to ride, use sword and military operations. He should become faithful. Ownership of the land must be his tool.

Tegina: How will his attitude be towards women?

Shoshi: As his father, he will not spot his sword with women’s blood. He will become merciful. He will have a lot of women in his harem. The sultan having many wives will have many children. Clever people will become among those children.

Turaghay: Who will become the most respectful for him?

Shoshi: As a sultan, he will ask people: “What is that God will not create? What is that God does not know?” He will respect and reward those who reply “God will never create another God like Himself and will never know the other God except Himself”.

Turaghay: What kind of characters similar to mine will he have?

Shoshi: He will not be jealous and will not hasten to kill those who want to annihilate him. He will do charitable works and give presents. He will have many reliable friends. If someone continues to do evil-doings, he will punish him. Like you, he will not use his sword when it is possible to solve problems peacefully. He will not take offence at his friend. He will not seek for mistakes and forgives people. He will not spit before enemy even though he has blood in his mouth. He will become a very good gunslinger like you. At the age of 22, when he takes a swallow’s youngling from its nest, a snake will descend from the ceiling and start to choke him. None can detach it. The snake seems to choke and kill the boy. However, your son shoots the snake with a thin arrow and frees the boy. Later, that boy will become the Conqueror’s enemy. But the Conqueror forgives him. But when that ungrateful person continues his evil intention, the Conqueror will punish him. He will have many great buildings built; saying that the animated nature’s life is too short and inanimate matter will live long. At last I am going to tell you that you should be vigilant. There is a trouble over your and child’s head. Save the boy! Save the boy. This child will save the world. A tree is hidden in a stone. A sultan is hidden in the boy. So, save the boy!

All of a sudden he disappears.

Turaghay: Where is Qalandar Shoshi?

Tegina: This person disappears at once and appears all of s udden.

Youqun comes in.

Yoqun: My Emir, did a messenger come?

Turaghay: His Excellency Bayonqulikhon sent a decree that we have to go to Koshghar at once with a troop. Ughlonkhon is there in Koshgar.

Youqun: Where are you going there?

Turaghay: As soo as possible. Yoqoun-begim, God will be with you, please take care of Tegina-begim Moh. Two queens, be amicable with each other and ask from God Almighty that I will return safe and sound and victorious. When Tegina-begim Moh’s time to give birth comes, please help her, call midwives over, understand?

Youqun: My Emir, don’t worry, rest assured. God gave Tegina-begim a child, which I don’t have. The child will be ours.

Turaghay: May your fidelity bring you happiness.

Tegina: Inshaallah.

Turaghay: Now, good-bye, my dear wives.

Tegina: Good luck! Your son Temur will be looking forward to seeing you. May God save you!

Youqun: May you be the winner, my emir, good-bye!

Turaghay says goodbye to Tegina-begim, looking at her in full of love. Yoqoun dislikes this. Turaghay says goodbye to Yoqoun, too. Then he leaves.

A servant lady comes in.

Servant lady: My queen Tegina-begim Moh, it is time to take a course of treatment.

Tegina (To Youqun): Youqun-begim, let me go to take a treatment.

Youqun: Of course, go and take your course. Good luck.

The servant lady and Tegina go out.

Yoqoun stays alone and talks to herself: Because of this snake-like Tegina my father became ill. Moreover, she is going to give birth to a son and wants to take Turaghay away from me. Now, I can’t stand it and I will show her! Moydinqul did not see me after coming from Samarkand. What about the interpretation of my dream, by the way?

Moydinqul comes in.

Moydinqul: My queen, please forgive me that I could not see you right after coming from Samarkand. I was fulfilling Emir Turaghay’s order.

Yoqoun: I see. Why are you so late?

Moydinqul: A hoof of my horse broke until I reached father Sabulak, interpreter of dreams. So, crippled, we hardly reached there. There were many people standing in line. At last, I also told the dream. Emir Qozaghon’s daughter, Emir Turaghay’s wife – Yoqoun saw a dream in her sleep, I said. In her dream, the Sun rose from the tail of dress of Tegina Moh, the sun went to the west and shone the entire world. Then it turned to India, I said. Father Sabulak did not reply one night and one day. At last he called me over abd answered. According to Muslim chronology, in 735, according to Christian chronology, in 1336, in the year of mouse, one boy – Conqueror will be born. I think, according to stars, the boy will be born very soon. He will become the Conqueror and will take seven continents. His dynasty will rule eight hundred years, the father interpreted.

Youqun (angrily): Yes, I see. It is necessary to kill her. To kill. It is the righ time now, Moydin!

Moydinqul: Yes, my queen.

Youqun: You may keep my secret, right?

Moydinqul: Yes, my queen.

Youqun: My father Qozaghonkhon sent you along with my dowry, right?

Moydinqul: You are right, my queen.

Youqun: I have a secret. I will tell this secret to you.

Moydinqul: I know that I will be beheaded if I tell your secret to somebody.

Youqun: Moydinjon, let’s make one thing: we have to kill Tegina-begim and his son.

Moydinqul: Don’t you think Emir Turaghay will skin us after this?

Youqun: He went to war with Ughlonkhon. It is not clear whether he comes safe. Ughlonkhon is stronger than Caesar. He is a brave man like Roustam. In Maverannahr, there is no other power able to overcome him. Bayonqulikhon sent Turaghay to this battle as he wanted to be safe. Moydinqul, I will set you free. If Turaghay dies in the battle, I will give part of his legacy to you.

Moydinqul: But… to kill the Conqueror to come is…

Youqun (angrily): You, coward, you will forever remain like a slave. I will order to kill you then.

Moydinqul: I beg pardon, my queen. I agree with you.

Youqun: Well, in this case, our plan is as follows. Now Tegina will come. Tell her that a messenger came and gave a letter to her from her father. See what I mean?

Moydinqul: Yes, I see, my queen.

Youqun: I have already prepared the letter. It is in the green box in my room. Here is the key of the room. (He passes her bracelet to him). Insert this side into the lock and it will open. Go, take the letter and wait. When Tegina appears here, you will come in, OK?

Moydinqul: OK.

Moydinqul goes out.


It isn’t good to waste the time in vain,
I don’t have to lose wealth in my hand.
On her, I must take my father’s revenge,
She will have a dog’s life in the end.

Tegina comes in.

Youqun (hypocritically): Tegina-begim Moh, my queen, a messenger came from Bukhara and brought a letter from your father.

Tegina: Really? Please give it to me.

Moydinqul gives the letter to her and gets out.
Tegina opens the letter and reads.

“I, Sadr-ash-sha’riyat, your father, am ill. I want to see you but I am too weak to go to you. I would like you to come and to see me. If you don’t come, I will see you in the next world” (Tegina weeps). My dear father, may Allah give you health (She reads the letter again).

Youqun: Tegina-begim Moh, don’t worry, please. God gives pain and God takes the pain away. Hopefully he your father will get well until you reach Bukhara.

Tegina: Thank you, Youqun-begim. But I have a little doubt in my heart. My father’ handwriting was neat, this is a bad handwriting.

Youqun (to herself): Oh, my God, she kills me. (To Tegina): It is so bad to be ill. Illness made his handwriting bad. You see, that he writes he is ill. Maybe he asked someone to write this letter.

Tegina: Yes, you are also right. I wish he had a long life.

Youqun: Illness and death is different. A human being may be ill, then he or she will get well. It seems you father missed you.

Tegina: Yes, you are right, he missed me. He loves me so much. Yoqun-begim, please let me go to see my father.


Of course, you may go to see your father,
About other things – do not bother.
I was also thing about this. Take two of your devoted maids with you. Moydinqul will accompany you with an umbellate cart. Anxiety will have a negative effect on a pregnant, they say. Now it is spring, it is green everywhere. Tulips opened around. You will enjoy traveling along green fields. Go, get ready.

Tegina: Thank you, my queen, thank you! You always find what is in my soul. I am so grateful to you.

Tegina goes out.

Youqun (claps her hands): Moydinqul!
Moydinqul (comes in): Yes, my queen.

Youqun (to Moydinqul’s ear): Moydinqul, tegina is going to see her father. Now you have to fulfill my order, OK?

Moydinqul: Yes, my queen.

Youqun: When possible, in a solitary place, you will kill all of them. Understand?

Moydinqul: Understand, understand.

Youqun: None has to be aware of this, understand?

Moydinqul: Understand, my queen, understand.

Youqun (gives a ring to Moydinqul): My father Qozaghonkhon, when he invaded a city, took this ring from a mayor’s hand. Its price is equal to a half of Turaghay’s domain. Take this, it will help you. May the edge of your knife be sharp.

Moydinqul (takes the ring): Qozaghonkhon fought and killed so many people because of this ring, they say.

Youqun: Well done. You are only to do (she counts her fingers) one, two, three.

Moydinqul: I see, my queen. I am at your service. Your order will be executed. (Rubs his hand to his face) Amen.


A place along the road. There are big stones. Beautiful scenery of the spring is seen from afar. There are blossomed trees around. Spring clouds are in the sky. The Sun is appearing behind clouds. In travel clothes and with dagger, Moydinqul comes in.

Moydinqul: My daughters, please come. You are so tired of this cart. And the horse has to have rest for a while. We have still long way to reach a caravanserai. Take a rest on these stones, pick flowers. Look at this place. It looks like paradise, yes, paradise! Steppes in Karshi are so beautiful in spring.

Tegina and two maids come in joyfully.

Tegina: My father Sadr-ash-sha’riyat told:

In spring, the steppe of Karshi is so nice,
The city of Kesh here is without price.

Maid 1: Tegina-begim, it seems you are so inspired?


Yes, I feel so great,
The grass is like a mat,
The spring flourishes well,
So nice the nature’s smell,
Happy people swell.

Nature painted blooms on stones, look,
Trees are green, wind has a tongue to speak,
Flies and mosquitoes sing a splendid song,
That is why this land’s so strange and young.
Tell us, hey father, how do you like this land,
Does wind also bring you flowers’ scent?

Moydinqul: Yes, you are right, in spring, this place is so beautiful like paradise, but in summer it is like a hell.

Tegina: There is a chang (a stringed musical instrument) in the cart. Please bring it to me and I will play music.

Moydinqul: No, next time when we stop at another place you will play it. Now it is not time.
(Thunder booms)

Tegina: Apparently it will rain now.

Maid 1: Black clouds are approaching.
Maid 2 (brings water in a dish): There is a well over there. I brought water, please drink. Cold and sweet. Please taste it, my queen.

Tegina drinks water first.

Tegina: Oh, so delicious! The well seems to be deep, doesn’t it?

Maid 2: It is very deep. Water is hardly seen in its bottom.

Moydinqul (looks around attentively and speaks to himself): The time has come. None is around. It is silent here. In half an hour I will kill them like ants and throw them into the well. That’s it. Have you seen anything? No! (He looks at the ring in his hand) Half of Turaghay’s wealth… Freedom…

Tegina: Father Moydin, do you like flowers?

Moydinqul: (absentminded): Oh yes, yes…

Tegina: Which color is the most favorite for you?

Moydinqul: Yes… It’s all the same to me. I even like the black one. In general, it is better for flowers to be eaten by cattle. They will turn into milk. They will become meat. But in the hand of people they will become hay.

(Maid 1 comes in with different flowers in her hand. Sitting on a stone, when they start dividing flowers between themselves, Moydinqul binds their braids with one another insensibly. He thrusts a stick into a dress edge of Tegina. Moydinqul comes from the back and stabs the first maid)

Maid 1: Ooh! (she falls down)

The other maid fells on the first one.

Tegina (cries): Help! Help! What are you doing? Help! Muslims! (When she tries to run, the edge of her dress tears and she falls down. But she gets up at quickly. Moydinqul stabs the second maid, too. Tegina takes a stick and tries to beat Moydinqul, but he steps aside and takes the stick away and his knife fells down the grass. Catching Tegina in one hand, he tries to find the knife.)

Tegina: Hey, father Moydin, please do not kill me. Perhaps I am a sinner, but my child is sinless.

Moydinqul: Because of this child, I am going to kill you. My queen ordered me this.

Tegina: Really? (She steps aside and runs away) Help! People! Help!

Moydinqul: Don’t run! Where will you go? I will kill you anyway. Your death is in my hand.

Tegina: Wow! Help! Help! Do not approach, rascal slave! (She runs away. Moydinqul runs after her. All of a sudden “Help!” is heard from the bottom of the well.)

Moydinqul: Oh, scoundrel, she is in the well! Now I will kill her with stones. (He brings several stones. But when he is going to throw a stone, all of a sudden, lightning strikes and thunder growls. Lightning kills Moydinqul. Wind blows. It rains. Three corpses are in the field. Suddenly weather become well. The sun begins to shine.

A shepherd comes in.

Shepherd: Good gracious, who killed these people? Or maybe lightning has beaten them. Apparently they are the owner of the cart standing over there.

Tegina (her voice is hardly heard from the well): Muslims, please help! Muslims, please help!

Shepherd: Ouch, voice coming from the well?

He approaches the well.
Who is there in the well?

Tegina (her voice): I am a woman, I am pregnant, I fell down. Please help, Muslims! I fell down.

Shepherd: A woman is in the well? Besides, is she pregnant?.. Hey, now I throw a rope. Bind one edge on your waist tightly. Keep the rope stronger. I will take you out from the well. Understand?

Tegina: Understand. Please throw your rope.

The shepherd takes a rope from his waist and throws it into the well.

Tegina (her voice): Pull!

The shepherd takes her out.

Shepherd (on himself): Whoa, this time a water fairy got out from the well where I usually take water. What a legend is this! What a miracle! This is the queen boasted by a singer who came to this meadow earlier. Exactly, she is that queen. The singer was saying:

The queen of our times,
Like the sun she shines.
Her figure’s as a cypress,
Her eyes are like the Venus,
Her face looks like full moon.

You are so lucky, shepherd!

(To Tegina)

Hey, where are you from? What are you doing in the well?

Tegina (on herself): If I tell the truth, this man will take me to old witch, Youqun, and she will kill my child. I hope God will forgive me, therefore I will better tell him a wrong story. Please forgive me, God! (To the shepherd): Hey, my life-saver, merciful man. You took me out of the well and saved the lives of two people. Thank you so much indeed. May your two worlds flourish. No doubt, Allah will help you. You asked who I am. I am from Aymoqiya tribe. This dead person was my husband. These are my maids. Lightning killed them all. Frightened, I fell into the well. Who are you, by the way, hey generous person?

Shepherd: Me, I am a shepherd from the village Khoja Ilghor, which is not far from here. I feed the cattle of Amir Choku, ruler of Zanjeer Sara. I water my sheep from this well everyday. You are very beautiful woman. But your husband was an old man. You got rid of him. You are a widow now, it would be great if you be my wife. I will feed you with milk and meat of sheep. I am not married yet.

Tegina: You know, shepherd, I am a pregnant woman. You are good person, it’s better for you to get married to another girl. You will have your own children. My child’s father is different. I got married, you know.

Shepherd: No, I will get married to you, that’s it! I am a very stubborn person. I became like a ram because I have been feeding sheep for such a long time. If I said I marry you, I will certainly do. A ram will never ask a ewe’s consent. That’s it! (He pull Tegina to his bosom).

Tegina: Stop, shepherd, there is a religious aspect. Do not listen to Satan. It is a great sin.

Shepherd (pulling her to his bosom): I am a shepherd working in hills. Wind will blow my sins. Wide fields, God heals. No words. I said I am like a ram. Yes, I am a male sheep. Yes, I am a ram, that’s it! (He slowly set her down)

Choku comes in.

Choku: Qushoq, what’s this?!

Shepherd (stands up and drops his eyes): My Emir, please forgive me. Forgive me!

Choku: A fool man, you showed disrespect to this pregnant woman. Are you a fool man? (To Tegina) Hey, feeble woman, don’t be afraid. I am Emir Choku, ruler of Zanjeer Sara. This bad man is my shepherd. I will punish him for his shamelessness.

Tegina: My Emir, please forgive this shepherd. Among sheep, how he can be well mannered? Please forgive him. He took me out of the well. This is his good deed. He saved two souls. Because of his youthful behavior he showed me disrespect.

Choku: Who are you? You look like a queen. You speak clever words, too.

Tegina: I am from Aymoqiya tribe. God saved me. This dead old man is my husband. These are my maids. Lightning stroke all of them. I am alone now. I do not have a place to go.

Choku: If so, you will become my daughter. I will take you to my palace with myself and you’ll live there with my family. We will see what will happen in the future. Helping powerless people is a good deed, prophet Muhammad said.

Tegina: My Emir, It seems you are merciful and good person. God himself sent you to me. I will go with you.

Choku: Qushoq, you, go to the village Khija Ilghor and ask a village leader to take these corpses, water them and hold their funeral according to Muslim tradition. Understand?

Shepherd: Yes, my Emir.

Choku: Before you go, take these dead bodies and set them straight. Cover their faces with some sheet. After that you can go to the village, understand? Let’s go, daughter.

Tegina (looks at the dead bodies and pretending): Goodbye, my husband, goodbye, my maids! May your place be in paradise.

Choku: It’s God’s will, do not grieve so much, let’s go.

Emir Choku and Tegina go.

(The shepherd sets dead bodies straight)
Shepherd: What a hell you died, you became a headache to me. Sheep are so thirsty there.

Choku comes in again.

Choku: Qushoq, take my horse and go to the village. The woman is experiencing labor pains. Bring a midwife as soon as possible. Hurry up! I will do this myself.

He goes out.

Choku (on himself): Today is Wednesday. According to Muslim chronology, it is the year seven hundred thirt five. The year of mouse. (He sets the dead bodies straight. After a while, the shepherd comes in hurriedly.)

Shepherd: My Emir, the problem is solved. I saw people taking a midwife to another village. I explained the situation to them. The midwife get off the cart, saw the pregnant woman and began to heal.

Choku: God is the most merciful.

(A baby’s cry is heard. As if the cry is heard from all gorges.)

A baby came to this world in Khoja Ilghor in seven hundred thirty five, in the year of mouse. Qushoq, go, run to the village!

Shepherd: All right, my Emir!

First the shepherd, then Choku goes out. Qalandar Shoshi comes in.

Shoshi: Allah is the most reliable friend! (looking at the dead bodies) When I was coming on the way, I saw this scene. The Conqueror was born. God Almighty wished with all his might and main that the Conqueror will become the happiness of the skies. Gradually he will become the ruler. Oh, Cesar is seen in the mirror of my soul. He is also from Turkish dynasty. When hunted gazelles, Cesar came across with a cave. He asked his doctor Abdulmufokhir.

Cesar’s voice (in a secret tone): Hey, Abdulmufokhir, what kind of cave is this?

Abdulmufokhir’s voice: My sultan, this the cave where Alexander Macedonsky was born. Sultans of the world make a pilgrimage to this place.

Cesar’s voice: What is written on a stone? Please read.

Abdulmufokhir’s voice: After eight hundred years of Alexander Macedonski’s birthday, Prophet Muhammad will be born. Eight hundred years later, a child will come to the world and he will take the entire world.

Cesar’s voice: Hey, doctor Abdulmufokhir, that person is me. I conquered so many countries throughout the world. That king is a Muslim, because Mecca and Medina are sources of Islam. The sultan of Rome is Islam. What do you think of this?

Abdulmufokhir’s voice: Hey, Cesar, I read in books of wisdom that a boy was born in Maverannahr at this moment. He was called Conqueror Alexander the Second. Rome will be be under his control. Cesar will become his hostage.

Cesar’s voice: O my God! Stop! If your words are true, then you should send a messenger to Bukhara and kill that baby. I will do what you ask.

Abdulmufokhir’s voice: I will do this to justify the salt you gave.

Cesar: Allah is great. Have a good jorney!

Shoshi: Oh dear me, I see Baghdad. Look, Dilshod Khotun, the queen of Baghdad, brought doctor Chaqmini as prisoner. Dilshod Khotun asked him:

Dilshod Khotun’s voice: Hey, doctor Chaqmini, in honor of movement to my new palace, I asked you to bring your book of wisdom. Why did not you accept this request? All of a sudden, my palace fell down. Thanks God I am safe. Tell me the truth! If you tell a lie, I will kill you!

Chaqmini’s voice: My queen, the wisdom is that, a boy was born in Maverannahr. He will become the Conqueror. Our palace of destiny was built there. This palace fell down because of his approaching happiness. That boy will take your country, too. This is the wisdom.

Dilshod Khotun’s voice: Oh my God! Hey, doctor Charmini, take what you want! But at once go to Bukhara, to bayonqulikon! Kill that boy and bring his body.

Chaqmini’s voice: Your order will be done, my queen.

Shoshi: Such stories happened in the other seven continents, too. They also sent their messengers to Bukhara to kill the baby, Conqueror.

End of the Act I

Act II

Scene VI

A waiting room that Bayonqulikhon, khan of Bukhara,ordered to build for messengers from seven continents coming to kill baby Temur. Khan is sitting in the middle on his throne. Vizier, religious leader and other officials of the palace are standing around. On the right side, there are messengers from Khuroson, Iraq and Rome; messengers from China, India, France and Russia are on the left side.

Bayonqulikhon: Dear messengers of seven continenets. You are guests in sacred land of Bukhara, which is situated in Mulki Turon of Chaghatay people and considered as the power of Islam. Welcome to our country! I ordered to build a special residence for you and we are here in this residence since you came yesterday. The majority of messengers expressed their astonishment and gratitude. We thank them all. We have attentively read letters sent by kings of Khuroson, Iraq, India, China, and Russia. We have spoken to them as well. We only have to listen to messenger Abulmufokhir, who was sent by Cesar, and read a letter he brought. As you may know, according to our tradition, before we listen to a messenger, a music from Bukharian shashmaqom will be played and dancers will dance.

Music plays and dancers dance.

Now let us see the point. Abdulmufokhir, messenger of Rome, the country, where a great empire was built together with European and Arabic emirs. Please read your letter and then we will listen to you.

Abdulmufokhir (opens a letter and reads): Praise be to Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful, who created the earth and the skies and who decorated the universe with moon, sun and stars. May peace be upon Prophet Muhammad. After that, we send our prayer to the sultan of Maverannahr. We would like to inform you that a child was born in your province. Our scholars say he is the Second Alexander the Great. He will conquer the entire world, and we hope you will try him not to be on the earth any more. The end of the message.

Messenger of Cesar: Your Excellency, presents of Cesar in the shape of gold and silver are in your caravanserai.

Bayonqulikhon: We also send our greetings to Cesar and will discuss his letter along with other messengers’ letters. We accepted his presents, too.

Messengers stand up and show respect to Bayonqulikhon.

Bayonqulikhon (to Burhoniddin): What do you think about the child stated in messengers’ letters and about that he was born in our country and we should kill him.

Burhoniddin: Your Excellency, our great khan, it is impossible to change the destiny given by Allah with power.

Bayonqulikhon: Vizier Seeroj Qamari, and what do you thonk about it? Is Burhoniddin’s opinion right?

Seeroj Qamari: Shariah does not permit to do this, but, in general, it is possible. What are our scholars saying?

Bayonqulikhon: Seeroj Qamari, your opinion is acceptable. I will permit to kill the child, I mean.

Burhoniddin: Dear our king Bayonqulikhon, please be aware that if Allah doesn’t want the boy to be killed, none is able to do that. I shall better leave you with this decision and go to Samarqand, a paradisiacal place.

Angrily he leaves the place.

Bayonqulikhon: But we shall not take our words back. Hey, messengers, how can you know that child?

Abdulmufokhir: Your Excellency, you will show us all boys that were born this year. We will select him by casting lots.

Bayonqulikhon: Messengers, where do you like to see children?

Abulmufokhir: It would be great to see them in jome’ masjeed – Friday prayer mosque.

Bayonqulikhon: My order is that everyday messengers and officials of our palace meet in jome’ masjeed after morning prayer and check boys that were born this year. Heralds should cry in all villages and cities of the country: “Bring your child who was born this year, in seven hundred thirty five, in the year of mouse, to jome’ mosque from sunrise to sunset, and take your gold granted by His Excellency, the Khan.”

Scene VII

There is a tent made of red flower branches in the garden of Emir Choku, ruler of Zanjeer Sara in Karshi province. Tegina is in the tent, she rocks the cradle and sings lullabies to six-months old Temur.


My tiny conqueror, lullaby, lullaby,
My Temur, sweet word, lullaby, lullaby,
May you live a long life, lullaby, lullaby,
Always believe in God, lullaby, lullaby.

Herald’s voice: Hey, people! Listen to me carefully! His Excellency our khan gave golden coins as a reward for those boys who were born in 735, in the year of mouse. Parents of those boys must take their reward in the jome’ mosque. Bring your children from sunrise to sunset. Hey, people, listen to me!..

Emir Choku comes in.

Tegina:Assalomu alaykum, my emir.

Choku: Waalaykumussalam, my daughter.

Tegina: My dear emir, I heard a herald’s voice but I could not catch his words. What’s the matter?

Choku: Yes, the herald caries a strange message, you will be surprised to hear.

Tegina (worried): What kind of message?

Choku: It is strange that messengers came to Bukhara from seven continents. They say that a hurtful boy was born in Maverannahr, and if he is not killed by messengers, he will destroy the entire world.

Tegina: Whose child is that boy?

Choku: They are looking for that boy. Herald is calling for that. Parents went to Bukhara, took their rewards, but the child was not found. After that our khan sent Seeroj Qamari along with messengers to Miyonkol, Samarqand, Khujand, Heesor and Shakhrisabz districts. Governors received them with great pleasure, but the child was not found. Today in the afternoon officials came to Zanjeer Sara. I met them in the palace, gave them place to rest for several days. They will start to check children tomorrow morning. You also go there to take your golden coins, OK?

Tegina: All right, my emir. I will definitely go there.

Choku: Well done. Now let me go.

Choku goes out. Child cries. Tegina nurses her child. She drowses. She sees Sheikh-ul-a’lam in her sleep.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Hey, Tegina-begim Moh, tomorrow go to Bukhara. Enter my grave. Pray addressing to God. It seems evil turned to your son.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam disappears. Qalandar Shoshi comes in.

Qalandar Shoshi: Hey, Tegina-begim Moh. Do you know that conqueror of the world Amir Temur is your warm bosom. You foster the world sultan. You nurse him with your hot milk coming from your veins. You are a great mother. The world envies great mothers. Paradise is under the foot of women, Prophet Muhammad said. Paradises of this world and the wold to come will be under your foot. Save you child from evil doings and calamities. Today in the evening, голыйgo to the place where Sheik-ul-a’lam told you. It is of prophet’s sunnah to move to another place in difficult times.

Tegina: Hey, Qalandar Shoshi, how can I reach Bukhara in the evening?

Shoshi: At midnight, go out of the garden with your child. There will be a horse on the threshold. You will reach Bukhara on that horse. Before dawn breaks, you should go to Fayz Osor graveyard and enter Sheikh-ul-a’lam’s tomb. You will see what happens after that, just follow the situation.

Tegina: Hey, Shoshi, you are aware of the days to come. What will happen after my son passes away?

Shoshi: 656 years later, a king from Maverannahr shows respect to Temur the Conqueror, raising him as the father of the nation. He will purify his name from different slanders.

Tegina: What kind of slanders will be disseminated about my son?

Shoshi: Some Christian writers disseminate slanders about Temur. They write a slanderous note that Temur takes Cesar as hostage. Stark naked, Temur puts Cesar into a golden cage. He puts the cage as threshold and cleans his boots on it, throwing dust and dirt on the sultan’s head. He takes the cage to his bedroom and makes love with Cesar’s queens in his presence. Temur has a golden cart built, puts Arabic emirs and sultans instead of horses, and rides on the streets of Egypt, Baghdad, Mecca, Medina and Istanbul, writers write.

Tegina: Will that king live a long life?

Shoshi: He will rule 31 years! After that, there will be warm weather, icy oceans will melt and flood will start. Some mountains will arise around Maverannahr and block the waterway. 30 years later, temperature will decrease and a good life will begin. People who will revive from this disaster will develop their motherlands.
Hey, Tegina-begim Moh, now hundred years of your generation is drinking milk from your breast in the face of Temur. If you give him over to death, your generation of eight hundred years will be killed. Know that until doomsday people of the world will grow up drinking mothers’ milk. So, at midnight, run! Go out and run!

Tegina wakes up with a start.

Tegina (on herself): Oh my God! Please save us. My dreams are uneasy. Officials and messengers are seeking for my baby to kill. The khan cheated with his “golden award”. My son is that Conqueror to be. Once caught, they will certainly kill my son. My baby, my son. Kings of seven continents need your death. Oh my God, save us yourself, you are the most powerful. Save us from those evil-doers! My dreams say about something. (A horse neigh is heard). What happened in my dream may come true. It is midnight. M child, let’s run. Let’s run to Bukhara, my son!

Scene VIII

Bukhara. Graveyard named after reverend Fayz Osor Ayub. Inside of Sheikh-ul-a’lam’s tomb is beautiful. In Arabic scripts “Man proposes God disposes” is written. There is an open case at the tomb.
Tegina comes in with her son hurriedly. She weeps.

Tegina: Assalamu alaykum, pure soul of my ishon Sheikh-ul-a’lam Sayfiddin khoja (the tomb echoes with her voice). As you ordered in my dream, I have come. God helped me. As Qalandar Shoshi said, a horse was ready near the gate of the garden. I mounted. I think the horse flew. We came safe and sound. Even my baby Temur the Conqueror did not wake up. Hey, my sheikh, I am here with you now. Pease ask help from God for me.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam’s voice (with echo): Put your baby into the open box! Hopefully God will save. He is the One who creates and who saves from calamities, disaster and evil-doings. Pray and address only to Him.

Herald’s voice: Hey, people! Listen to me! Khan of Bukhara His Excellency Bayonqulikhon son of Dovotkhon is approaching to visit the graveyard named after reverend Fayz Osor Ayub, a holy place in Bukhara, where so many sacred saints have their tombs. Be aware of the fact that the child sought for more than one month is here in this graveyard, they say.

Tegina (weeping): Oh my God, listen to our wails. Please accept my entreaty. Save my sinless six-months-old baby. There is no rescuer but you. You created, you give a long life. Save us from evil-doers, oh God!

Tegina puts the child into the box, closes the box and kneels down weeping at the tomb.

Herald’s voice: Hey, people! Those who try to hide the child or support him, will be hung, their riches will be confiscated and their wives will be given to harem. Hey, people! Listen to me and be informed! Sheikh-u;-a’lam’s tomb is encircled by guards. Those who approach may be killed.

Tegina: Oh my merciful father, where are you, please help! Your grandson is killed by some messengers, please help us, oh my father…

Sadr-ash-sha’riyat’s voice: Oh my dearest daughter, Tegina Moh, I am also helpless. I am alone, my child. Guards do not let me go to help. May God help you, my daughter. May sacred saints’ souls support you. Be patient! Have more patience! Patience means gold. Do not loose your hope. God will help you! I feel hurt, my daughter. I wish Allah heard my supplication.

Herald’s voice:

King of kings, sultan of Bukhara Bayonqulikhon has come. People must show respect to His Excellency.

Bayonqulikhon, Seeroj Qamari and messengers come solemnly. They take their seats. Koran is read. All people recited a short prayer. Messengers of China, India, France and Russia stand up taking off their headdress and keep silence.

Bayonqulikhon: Dear messengers of seven continents. The tomb you defined by way of casting lots is the tomb of Sheikh-ul-a’lam who lived 135 years. I hope the child is here and you will be happy to get him.

Messenger of Cesar: Your Excellency sultan of Bukhara, reverend Bayonqulikhon, accoding to lots, the injurious child is in this box. We have to take him out of the box and kill him.

Bayonqulikhon: All right. Who is going to take the child and kill?

Messenger of Khuroson: I am the messenger of Khuroson, Abu Battol ibn Qattol, I will kill the child by your permission. I wish my name be glorified by my khan.

Bayonqulikhon: Messenger of Khuroson, Abu Battol ibn Qattol, I give you permission to start what you want.

Tegina goes out of the tomb and blocks the messenger’s way.

Tegina: Oh! Oh no! Help! Do not touch my child! Kill your own child in your home country! Ow! Help! Why do you need to kill my child? Get out! Get out! Misfortunes! Oh my God! Hey, souls of sacred people, help! Do not let these mean and dirty people shed blood of my baby!

Bayonqulikhon: Arrest his mother!

Soldiers approach and arrest Tegina.

Tegina: My child! What is your sin? After all, you did not eat any other food except your mother’s milk. I did not eat unclean food. I did not do unclean work. What for such a blame? Hey, unclean people, do not approach my baby.

Soldiers take Tegina away. Messenger of Khuroson opens the box. A hand raises from the box and hits the messenger. The messenger dies at once.

All people: Oh God! What is this?

All people approach the box.

Bayonqulikhon: Keep silence! Don’t move! Soldiers, take aside and lay the messenger down!

Messenger of Iraq: I am the messenger of Iraq, Hakeem Chaqimni. The messenger of Khuroson did not recite bismeellahir rohmanir rohim (In the name of Allah, the beneficent and the merciful). It seems to me that there are evil spirits here. Let me try this time.

Bayonqulikhon: Mr Chaqimni, the messenger sent by Dilshod-khotun, the queen of Iraq, please go on. May you dream come true.

Messenger of Iraq: In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful. If you are evils spirits, go away! (He approaches the box and opens it. Again, a hand raises from the box, hits the messenger and he dies.)

Bayonqulikhon: Oh my God, what kind of miracle is this? Iraqi messenger has also died. Soldiers, take him and lay him down near the messenger of Khuroson.

Russian messenger: I am the Russian messenger, Ivan son of Kuzma, Christian, I do not believe in Islam. Magic powers cannot effect on me. Jesus Christ only can help me (He crosses himself 3 times)

Then he goes and opens the box. The hand hits him, too. He also dies.

Bayonqulikhon: He also went to hell. What can I do now? Shall we stop? What will you tell, Seeroj Qamari?

Seeroj Qamari: I am also amazed. Now the kings who sent their messengers may think that Bayonqulikhon killed their messengers. They may come with their troops to fight.

Bayonqulikhon: Let’s consult with other messengers.

Seeroj Qamari: A very good idea. Let’s consult.

Bayonqulikhon: Dear messengers, what is your opinion? You see what happens now here. There is some theological power that cannot be overcome. Or do you think we should stop this for certain time?

French messenger: I am Jacque Meterean, French messenger. If I go empty to France, no doubt, I will be killed. All my future generation will be under reprimand and insult. The French like to write about this and let the world know about this defamation. Therefore, I am ready to be killed in order to save my generation’s name clean. If I die, please bury me here in this graveyard of Bukhara. Your Excellency, let me fulfill my task now.

Bayonqulikhon: Please, go on.

The French messenger approaches and tries to take the box up without opening it. But he can’t. He opens the box. The hand raises and hits him too. He also dies.

Voices: And his death has come. He aldo died.

Bayonqulikhon: His life is over. Put him along with other dead bodies.

Messenger of India (makes Indian greeting): I am Natha, Indian messenger. There is a magic power here. I am a magician. See, I will revel this secret (He acts as Indian magicians and opens the box. As he takes the baby, the hand hits him. Natha also dies.)

Voice: Even the magician could not solve the problem. He also died. He went to hell.

Bayonqulikhon: Vizier Seeroj Qamari. What is this? What shall you tell now? Please find the solution. After all, five messengers died. How shall we answer now?

Seeroj Qamari: Let’s stop it…

Bayoqulikhon: Stopping is not decision at all, Seeroj Qamari. It is inability and unintelligence.

Seeroj Qamari: If so, you are the cleverest person. Do what you want. We thank you.

Messenger of Cesar: Your Excellency. I am doctor Abdulmufokhir, Cesar’s messenger. I read many magic books. The strongest this is a sword. I cut the hand with my sword. Evil spirits do not stand in the place where swords are available. Therefore, either dagger or a sharp knife is put on the head side of cradle. Dear Sultan, please let me try to kill the baby. You will see how I cut the hand off. Let me do!

Bayonqulikhon: Go on, Cesar’s messenger Abulmufokhir.

The messenger plays his sword and gets ready to cut. But a hand with a sword raises from the box this time and hits the sword of Cesar’s messenger. The sword hits the messenger and he dies.

Voices: See God’s power! Is it possible to kill the baby? God is the supporter of the baby. He will not die.

Bayonqulikhon: Put him along with those dead bodies.

Soldiers take him. Six messengers’ dead body lie.

Messenger of China: Your Excellency, I am Chinese messenger, Yan Sho. Though I am not a Muslim, but I know that angels are present in the tombs of sacred people. The hand raising fom the box belongs to angels. If I go there, I will also die. Therefore, please bring a dog. Angels run away from the place where dog is available.

Bayonqulikhon: Bring what the Chinese messenger Yan Sho tells. Bring a dog!

Chinese messenger: Your Excellency, have you heard of the city of Qeez?

Bayonqulikhon: Yes, I have.

Chinese messenger: Let me tell you. All population of the city of Qeez consists of women. Khans and beks are also women. There was a tree in the middle of the city. Its name is Shajarai Murod, i.e. the Tree of Hope. When women living in the city want to become pregnant, they go to the tree, embrace it and swim in the well near this tree. After that, they may become pregnant. However, if they give birth to a boy, he dies at once. If they give birth to a girl, she lives long. So, that city is called the city of women. And Bukhara is the city of angels and bravery. I have been seeing miracles since one month. We are unable to overcome a six-months-old baby. Who will overcome this country? Only a betrayer who brings up in this country may conquer it. For this, a dog should meddle. (Two soldiers bring a dog. Barking is heard.)

Bayonqulikhon: They brought a dog.

Chinese messenger: Ask them to take the dog around the tomb and the box twice. (Two soldiers do that). Now see, I will take the baby from the box. (He opens the box and takes the baby. Nothing happens).

Tegina’s voice: Oh, help! Do not touch my baby! Oh, help! People of Bukhara, save my conqueror baby!

Voices: “Conqueror is a grandson of Sadr-ash-Shariyat”. “Qalandar Shoshi informed about it”

Chinese messenger (takes the baby up and shows): Your Excellency, this baby is Conqueror Temur Jahangeer. His angels have gone. I can kill him now. Your Excellency, let me cut into pieces with my sword.
Bayonqulikhon: Bravo, Chinese messenger, Yan Sho! Kill the baby in the presence of people of Bukhara. You will be glorified throughout the world.

Chinese messenger: All right, Your Excellency. Please call people of Bukhara!

Bayonqulikhon: Dear messenger, put the baby into the box. (Messenger put the baby into the box). Heralds, call people. Ask them to come to reverend Fayz Osor graveyard as soon as possible.

Herald’s voice: Hey, people! People!..

Bayonqulikhon: Seeroqj Qamari, ask people to leave me alone while the people gather. You be with me. I will take some rest sitting here in this place, I cannot stand any more.

Seeroj Qamari: Please leave us alone for a while.

All people go out. Khan leans on a pillar and sleeps. He sees Sheikh-ul-a’lam in his sleep.

Sheikh-ul-a’lam: Hey, Bayonqulikhon, when you were a herdsman in immigration, we raised you as the sultan. When a needy person’s baby is about to die, she prays for God and asks for help from my spirit, you are supporting pagans, because they presented you a lot of gold. You brought them to sacred shrine to kill six-months-old baby. Know, that every people in your possession for safekeeping, a child or elder grown-up, is your priceless pearl. It is your duty before God to save their lives. That baby has such a blessing that he will light up the earth until doomsday. Therefore, you have to return back them to Zanjeer Sara. Otherwise, you will become helpless and your empire will be destroyed.

Bayonqulikhon wakes up with start.

Bayonqulikhon: Seeroj Qamari: I saw a dream. I will tell you later. Now listen to my order.

Seeroj Qamari: I am at your service.

Bayonqulikhon: The order is that you have to free that arrested mother and dress her in beautiful clothes. Return her baby safe and sound. Let several soldiers take her in a well decorated cart to Zanjeer Sara, Emir Choku’s house.

Emir Turaghay comes in and bows.

Turaghay: Your Excellency, with the help of Allah and your order, Ughlonkhon’s troops were crushed. Koshghar was released. Ughlonkhon was captured.

Bayonqulikhon: Well done, emir Turaghay!

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat comes in.

Sadr-ash-Sha’riyat: Emir Turaghay, my son-in-law, welcome! Thanks God you came safe and sound. Tegina begim and Temur were about to die. Thanks God they got rid of calamity.

Turaghay: Tegina begim Moh, where are you? My son! Conqueror Temur!

Mother and son come in.


The end

Translated by Aazam Abidov