Two poems by Chori Avaz

Uzbek poet CHORI AVAZ was born on December 11, 1957 in Kashkadarya province of Uzbekistan. A graduate of Tashkent State University, he worked at Chulpon Publishing House as an editor. He had several books of poetry, fiction and translation, including An Autumn Dawn, Awakening is the Ultimate Happiness, and A Million Questions.  Choriz Avaz also translated many poems and short stories by renowned world authors into Uzbek. He died at the age of 35.


Two poems by Chori Avaz in English:


I stared at stars for a longer time,
I extended my hands to the stars.
Is it true you erased me from your life?

I got tired of flying towards the moon,
My journey to the moon became so long.
Oh my beloved, who did you leave with?

I am yearning for the sun, my flower,
My trust suffered badly in my chest.
I am a starving glance from now on.


Hey, fellow, who is looking far beyond
And also who is following the hope,
Don’t forget I always forge a bond
With you in every trail and every slope.

If you are tired I will be your traction,
If you are thirsty I will be your well.
To me to reach that brilliant destination
Is more important than to you, my pal.


Translated by Azam Abidov

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