Five poems by Gulbahor Said Ghani

My whole being is a dream; I learn the meaning of regret,

I can’t bear it anymore – as a skill – parting I get.


Because of my bitter wail the World Castle could be ruined,

I am peaceful at this time, but I know the sense of threat.


There’s no need for anybody to write down my life story –

I discover people wonder, since like Mejnun I change mindset.


Let me read my heart to petals in the language of the bird,

The human race betrays me often – about which I get upset.


Hey Gulbahor, soul and sweetheart have become your dear friends,

At Parting Night, I donate my soul, and completely will forget.





Dark nights follow me,

They will never leave me alone.

The flame of the eyes of the past

Completely burns the shadows.


You are doomed now to the eyes.

You are a prisoner in the eyes forever!




Discover me,

I am a continent

without you,


I have been waiting for your visit

for a thousand years

(fog covered the ground).


Pick me up –

I am like mulberries

fallen abundantly

on the ground…


Sing me –

I am a unique song

and a pain no one has heard of yet,


My soul is a jug,

my wine is bitter.

If you break me

There will be a river.


Drowning in this river

is your fate.


Sing me,

I am a broken melody…




No, an ominous tragedy did not happen.

No person committed a suicide.

Weird feelings in the soul though

Not only about living alone.


Clearly something happened to us,

We are happy, for some reason

We are happy…

Although with a firm covenant in our hearts

We meet each other

Once in a hundred years.

The tragedy is that

The two of us

Survived the separation.

Without you,

My darling,

I can live tomorrow.

That is a tragedy…




It’s hard for you.

Is it easy for me

To pray in the mornings

and ask for happiness?


It’s hard for you.

Is it easy for me

To look like senseless beauties?


To draw a picture of loneliness

Onto my poetic moments?


(Translated by Azam Abidov)