A poem by Sharof Rashidov on Ukraine

Ўтган ҳафта бир ҳамкасбим чет элликлар билан бирга Жиззахдаги Шароф Рашидов музейига борганди. Музей ходимлари Ш.Рашидовнинг бир нечта янги босилган китобидан бериб юборибди. Мен унинг шеърий китобини ўқиб чиқдим ва тўпламдаги “Севги билан” сарлавҳали шеърни ёқтириб қолдим. Шароф ака бу шеърни Улуғ Ватан уруши даврида ёзган, афтидан Украинани душмандан озод қилишга қаратилган жанглар таъсирида қоғозга туширган. Асар худди бугун ёзилгандай туюлди менга.

Sharof Rashidov was a leader of Uzbekistan in 1959-1983. Also a writer and poet, he served in the army during the Second World War. I recently read his book of poetry and found out that he also fought for Ukraine. It seemed to me as if he wrote this poem today. I would like to dedicate my humble English translation of his poem to all freedom lovers, especially those fighting for/in Ukraine and defending its sovereignty now – the courageous people of Ukraine and all my friends supporting them throughout the world.


With Love

a poem by Sharof Rashidov


(From battlefield memories)


If I plan to travel towards the sun

I’ll succeed in heart with my loved one.

If I start rebelling against death

With my love I beat it in one breath.


Because of love this fire in my eyes,

All enemies – my brave – would paralyze.

Love is my companion and my friend,

Thanks to love I flourish and ascend.


I had spent so many sleepless nights,

Always looking at the brightest stars,

Full of dreams, unfulfilled wishes, lights,

I wrote love letters, heartful memoirs.

I am awake, absorbed in blissful thoughts,

My beloved’s eyes in my sight appear,

Two apples of her eyes look very clear,

I’m astonished, as if tied up in knots.


Every moment follows me my love,

In the battlefield guards from above,

It’s very close when I scout out,

During skirmish it goes side by side,

Moves forward with great zeal, ardour and pride,


It’s with me in victory, no doubt.

I’m fighting at this moment for Ukraine,

The whole world is watching me; some stand

To cheer me up and lend a helping hand,

Early in the morning I again

Fly to west with victory and flare.


I have got sweet dreams in my heart,

May this sacred land not fall apart!

For the sake of love of mine I swear!

Love is like the sun and fame within

My heart indeed with love I always win!