A ghazal by Alisher Navoi

Hey, your face like early spring, is able to revive daybreak,
A hundred leaves, a thousand tunes, the bloom and nightingale would take.

The branches of Tubi and Sidra – heaven’s trees – grass in your street
Feeding with water and air from lover’s eye-drops and ache.

From your tart estrangement any lover is in agony
Without your healing rendezvous Jesus with his breath can’t wake.

You are the one who satisfies needs so to claim for your compassion
I will bring two witnesses consisting of grief and heart-quake.

It’s impossible to not accept them as a further matter
It’s not of yours to deny such an acceptance and forsake.

Hermit, keep your soul secluded, don’t fill it in with the rest,
Your soul needs some isolation, of promenade you could partake.

Say, Navoi, in your heart only the beloved would be seen,
From your heart’s mirror erase you all the feelings of mistake.

(Translated by Azam Abidov)